11 Easy Things to Make with Ground Beef for Dinner Plus Recipes

Ground Beef for Dinner: If I had a penny for every time, I asked myself “what can I mix ground beef with… hard as we try sometimes, we’re often at a loss about things to make with ground beef. 

Recipe lists abound on the internet, giving your ideas on things to make with ground beef. 

Here, you’ll find a list of common beef dishes, simple ground beef recipes, e.t.c. 

Our popular beef dishes here are easy to make and will have dinner ready in no time.

Ground beef has to be one of the most versatile dishes there are. 

There’s an unlimited number of things to make with ground beef. 

From simple lunches and snacks to meals with family, there are endless lists of things to make with ground beef. 

What’s so special about our list of things to make with ground beef? 

Well, for one, this list comprises favorites from different parts of the world

What’s more, they’ll be sure to make several comebacks at your dinner table.

Take a look at our list of easy-to-make ground beef dishes list and make magic.


11 Easy Things to Make with Ground Beef for Dinner Plus Recipes


11 Easy Things to Make with Ground Beef for Dinner


1. Ground Beef Stroganoff


Ground Beef Stroganoff


This recipe combines sweet and earthy flavors in equal amounts, together with the tender taste of ground beef.

It can be eaten as a main dish or paired with noodles, baked beans, quinoa, e.t.c.

Alternatively, this can be a go-to when looking for things to make with hamburger meat.

Fry some mushrooms and shallot with rich cream, then use the sauce to cook some pasta.

It’s divine, I tell you. What’s more, it sure is one of the easiest things to make with ground beef.

In total, it takes about 40 minutes to cook plus prep time.


2. Moroccan Meatball Soup


Moroccan Meatball Soup


What’s better than good old meatballs?

A meatball soup, that’s what.

This Morocco-inspired dish will leave you smacking your lips in blissful satisfaction.

It’s easy to make and is as healthy as it is satisfying.

Remember to bring some home-baked bread to get every satisfying drop.


3. Mini Man Burgers

Mini Man Burgers


This recipe is amazing because it allows you to get creative with your choice of flavoring.

Whether you’re opting for the unique Alton flavor or the famous Big Mac flavor, mini-man burgers are a vibe.

This sure is one of those easy ground beef recipes with few ingredients.


4. Mini Ground Beef Meatballs


Mini Ground Beef Meatballs


While this is best eaten as an appetizer, it is one of our absolute favorite ground beef recipes without pasta.

All the rich flavors of garlic, parsley, ginger, and other herbs make it the perfect finger food.

Serve alone or with any dip of your choice for more flavor.


5. Mashed Potatoes and Beef


Mashed Potatoes and Beef


What list of things to make with ground beef would be complete without recipes with ground beef and potatoes?

Certainly not this one.

The rich blend of mashed potatoes and seasoned ground beef will leave you blissfully satisfied.

Its texture and flavors will soothe your taste buds and fill you right up.


6. Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies


Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies


This is one of many seasoned Nebraskan’s favorite things to make with ground beef.

The blend of onions, chili, seasoning, and ground beef makes the perfect stuffing for these handheld pies.

If you’re ever at a loss for things to cook with ground beef, think of Nebraska.

Whip up some dough and create this masterpiece, they’re sure to have everyone coming for seconds.

What’s more, they’re a new way to bring more variety to dinners.


7. Pan-fried Thin Ground Beef Burgers


Pan-fried Thin Ground Beef Burgers


Everything this recipe lacks in bulk, it makes up for in flavor.

It gives you the freedom to experiment with flavors too.

To start with, fry some shallots lightly with the ground beef.

Then, layer the buns with veggies and ground beef and enjoy.

While this may not be everyone’s choice of things to make with ground beef as regards dinner, it sure works.


8. Ground Beefy Stuffed Potatoes


Ground Beefy Stuffed Potatoes


Another way to incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet is to stuff them with veggies and ground beef.

This is another one of our well-loved things to make with ground beef.

It’s perfect for picky eaters who want to eat healthily.


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9. Meatball Sandwiches


Meatball Sandwiches


These are great for snacks right before bed.

Staring with a layer of bread, top with some tomato sauce, cheese, and meatballs.

Then top it off with another layer of bread.

The result will have you licking your fingers in ecstasy.

For kids, cut up the bread in interesting shapes, and throw in some vegetables for a balanced meal.

10. Homemade Hamburger Helper


Homemade Hamburger Helper


The homemade touch gives this dish the healthiness you and your family need.

If you’re unable to come up with healthy things to do with hamburger meat, look no further.

This delicious pasta and ground beef dinner are perfect for those days when you’re tired or lazy.

It’s an easy way to round up the day with a full belly.

A generous amount of cheese and juicy ground beef give the perfect touch to this dinner.

You can have this dinner ready in under 40 minutes.

It’s satisfying, healthy, delicious, and one of our favorite things to make with ground beef.

You should try it tonight.


11. Stuffed Pepper Platter


Stuffed Pepper Platter


For a more colorful platter, get bell peppers at different stages of ripeness.

Another great thing about this dish is that it can be stored in the freezer.

The assortment of juicy ground beef, vegetables, rice, and cheese make it an easy crowd-pleaser.

If you’re ever at a loss for things to make with ground beef, look here.



There you have it: our inexhaustible list of things to make with ground beef.

Whether you’re cooking for one or your family, feel free to get creative with the ingredients at your disposal.

Most of the recipes on this list will satisfy picky eaters and anyone looking to keep eating healthy.

Feel free to share this goodness with family and loved ones.

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