12 Best Cake Tools and Equipment Needed in Baking Butter Cake

What are the tools and equipment used in baking butter cake? Please, read on…

Baking can be rewarding, especially if you know what you’re doing.

To make your baking experience seamless, you need the right tools.

For that, we asked the pros to tell the cake baking tools and equipment to make the process convenient.

If you’ve ever done any craft, you’d know that the tools you use are crucial to success and the ease of achieving it.

That’s why we’re bringing you professional baking tools that’ll make your home baking a splendid experience.


12 Best Cake Tools and Equipment Needed in Baking Butter Cake




 Top 12 Best Cake Tools and Equipment Needed in Baking Butter Cake

12 Tools with Names, Pictures, and Uses Needed for Baking Butter Cake

1. Cake Pans for Baking



Cake Pans


These are nearly the most important baking tools and equipment.

With so many shapes, sizes, and types available, there are many options to choose from.

Unless you’re a professional baker with lots of orders, you don’t need to fill your kitchen with these.

If you only bake as a hobby, you can go for a set of round pans and another of square ones.

A set of 3 or 4 with 2 inches in height is good enough.

The set-on feature is an Amazon’s Choice and comes with 50 pieces of parchment paper.


2. Offset Spatula for Baking Cake



Offset Spatula

You’ll need this spatula for finishing your butter cake.

This collection of offset spatulas is the ideal cake baking tool and equipment for icing a cake.

It makes putting frosting on the sides and straights of your cake an easy routine.

That’s not all. With offset spatulas, you can evenly spread the batter on the base of a baking pan before baking.

The offset blade will keep your hand from dragging on the cake, making frosting a cinch.

A spatula is also a genius tool for flipping something on a griddle.


3. Rolling Pin for Baking Cake


Rolling Pin

There’s hardly any baking without dough, and the best way to flatten a dough is with a rolling pin.

That makes it one of the most important cake baking tools and equipment.

The one-on feature comes with adjustable rings to measure the width of your dough.

That’s quite handy to get your dimensions right.

If you prefer the French-style rolling pin without handles, this metallic one is a good option.

It has measurement calibration too and is dishwasher safe.


4. Sifter for Flour





Stainless steel fine mesh is a great way to get smooth flour for your baking needs.

A sifter makes sieving dry ingredients a lot easier.

The 3-piece we’re featuring lets you sieve different quantities as you please.

If you want, you could use the cup-style sifter.

This is a single stainless steel cup with a fine mesh at the base and a lever to turn the flour inside.

It has a calibration on the side that measures up to 3 cups.

That way, you can sieve the accurate quantity of flour you need.


5. Heat-Resistant Rubber Spatulas



Heat-Resistant Rubber Spatulas

If knives are to chefs, rubber spatulas are to bakers.

If you ask some professional bakers, they’ll tell you these cake baking tools and equipment are the most versatile in their kitchen.

Use them to scrape the last bit of batter from a bowl or fold the chocolate into whipped eggs.

They adjust to the sides of the bowl to help incorporate all the ingredients into your batter.

The best part yet: they can last for years. Any serious baker knows to have a good set of rubber spatulas.


6. Pastry Brush for Cake



Pastry Brush


Have you ever wondered how a fruit tart got its glossy finish?

This cake baking tool made it happen.

It works great for brushing cream over dough, spreading eggs over a pie, or even spreading sauce and marinades for grilling.

The silicone bristles on this brush we’re featuring remove the chance of brush fibers getting stuck in your food.

It’s also odor and stain-resistant, and super easy to clean.

Best Reviews rates it Best of the Best and it’s also an Amazon’s Choice. Over 13k users can’t be wrong.


7. Mixing Bowls for Baking


Mixing Bowls


Here’s another set of cake baking tools and equipment that are super versatile.

There’s hardly any cake recipe that won’t involve some type of mixing.

So, this set of nesting bowls with lids is a must-have for anyone who bakes.

If you have reservations about plastics around your food, there’s a solution.

This Amazon’s Choice set of stainless steel mixing bowls is a good alternative.

And if it’s glass you prefer, this 3-piece set from Pyrex will make your kitchen look professional.


8. Measuring Cups for Baking



Measuring Cups


Inaccurately, measuring an ingredient can affect the outcome of your cake.

That’s why this cake baking tool and equipment is crucial in a baker’s kitchen.

This set we’re featuring is a nested 4-piece plastic measuring cup.

This is a crucial measuring tool for making a butter cake.

They’re great for measuring dry ingredients and liquid ones.

The calibration is legible and easy to use.

There’s a slider on each cup that helps you level off heaps on dry ingredients for better accuracy.

There are other designs for measuring cups you might like, such as this Adjust-A-Cup or Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set.


9. Cooling Racks for Cake



Cooling Racks


Cooling racks are important for, as their name implies, cooling the things you bake.

That’s the stop between your oven and the fridge.

These four sets of cooling racks should be enough for any baking you do.

Whether large or small, these 16-inch steel constructs will hold them in the air for you. Buy Here


10. Parchment Paper for Baking



Parchment Paper

These are multipurpose cake baking tools and equipment.

Every baker uses them for how useful they are.

Put parchment paper at the bottom of cookie trays and cake pans; they’re non-stick.

You can go for a roll of pre-cut ones for ease of use.

The less expensive ones are not pre-cut, but just as good.

This one from Reynolds gets a 4.8 rating from almost 40k users.

11. Electric Mixer for Baking


Electric Mixer

This electric hand mixer will help you get the job done in the least time with minimal effort.

It’s ideal for baking at home.

However, if you bake commercially, you might need something more powerful such as this one from Hamilton Beach.

Let’s be real. There are times you don’t need to pull out the electric mixers.

A hand whisk is all you need for 3 eggs if you want to make an omelet.

Depending on how much mixing you do, a manual and an electric mixer are all you need.


12. Convection Oven for Baking Cake



Convection Oven

You probably already have an oven at home.

However, it’s still an important cake baking tool and equipment.

A convection oven is ideal for baking butter cakes because it blows hot air evenly across the oven.

If you’d prefer a countertop convection oven for baking, the featured item is a top pick on Rolling Stone.

It doubles as an air fryer, so it’s useful for more than just baking. Get one here


Top 12 Baking Tools & Equipment Every Baker Should Own



If you’re new to the world of baking, it’s crucial to know the cake baking tools and equipment that’ll make your job easier.

That’s what we’ve put many hours into and brought you 12 of them.

These are some tools you’ll use for almost all your baking endeavors.

So, go get the ones you don’t already have and start making the best cakes.

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