12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas On A Tight Budget

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – Even if you’re on top of your game, it can be hard choosing a theme for your Christmas tree. There are so many options to choose from.

But since you’re here, that won’t be a problem anymore. Are you decorating a Christmas tree for the first time or you’re looking to try something new this year?

Whichever way, we have Christmas tree decorating ideas you’d love.

You can go with the tried and true elegant Christmas decorations or choose the modern maximalist with colors, lights, and the whole nine yards.

What’s important is to get in the mood and bring the season into your home.

Our Christmas tree decorating ideas will surely transform your home, even Santa will be impressed *wink wink*.



12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas On A Tight Budget

1. Go to the Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree decorating idea with black and white seems minimalist, yet beautiful.

It’s best for homes with a simple theme, especially those with white accents.

Use natural elements such as pine cones to complement the tree. You can also hand oversized white ornaments with burlap on the branches. The more of these, the merrier. If you need a tutorial to make this Christmas tree decoration, you’ll find it at Love Grows Wild.



Go to the Farmhouse Style - 12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - On A Tight Budget


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2. Frosted Berry Christmas Tree

If you’re tired of the regular Christmas tree decorating themes, you’ll love this one.

This flocked Christmas tree decorating idea gets creative by doing away with the star we’re all used to at the top of the tree.

Rather, it sports a collection of berry branches.

On the branches are lots of shiny ornaments of different colors and styles.

The tree is flocked out, making it look like it has spent some time in the snow.

Here’s a fun way to bring the snow into your home without the biting temperature.


3. Unusual Colors of Christmas Tree

No one says you can’t get creative with Christmas decorations.

If you’ve been holding back, here’s an inspiration to get daring with your ideas.

This is a Christmas tree decorating idea using blue and silver. In fact, all the colors on this tree are not the ones known for Christmas.

Design your tree with blue, silver, off-white, and olive green. Use angels and straw stars as ornaments.

Reinvent the baubles and other ornaments. Finish it with some natural elements such as pine cones.

Your guests will surely notice your design and praise you for it. This idea was inspired by an interior decorator, Stephen Sills.


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4. Personalized Christmas Tree

If you’ve been using your tree for a few seasons and don’t want to get a new one for whatever reason, this Christmas decorating idea is for you.

The design takes attention away from the tree and onto the ornaments. It’ll require some DIY skills, though.

Add a personal touch to the tree by making it a Christmas tree decoration with pictures.

Put pictures of family members and pets, of course, in framed ornaments and hang them on the tree.

You can also use wide ribbons and other ornaments. That way, the tree will serve as a backdrop of ornaments and pictures.

You can find tutorials for this at Home Made Lovely.


5. Plaid and Wood Christmas Tree

If you want different, here it is. Very few people will expect a Christmas tree to be adorned like this.

Not only did it drift from the conventional colors to navy and green plaid ribbons, but it also uses natural wood ornaments too.

This pencil Christmas tree decoration even sits in a plaid basket and is topped with a plaid star as well.

You can add string lights to make it vibrant. You can get a tutorial to follow this design at The Turquoise Home.



Plaid and Wood Christmas Tree -12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - On A Tight Budget


6. White Out Christmas Tree

Who says Christmas trees must be green? Why not try out this white Christmas tree decorating idea for a change.

Use an all-white tree and adorn it with neon-colored ornaments. Use lots of it to make the tree look sophisticated.

If you want to go all out, use an assortment of ornaments and add some lights for spark.


7. Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

If you want to celebrate this Christmas like royalty, this elegant Christmas tree decorating idea is for you.

The end product will be a stunning tree like it was designed by a professional.

Adorn your tree with elegant ornaments such as mercury glass, glitter berries, glass ornaments, etc. in silver and gold.

Add some lights to bring extra shine to the tree. This design will light up the darkness with sparkling lights!

A Pumpkin and a Princess has a tutorial to help you bring this Christmas tree decorating idea to life.



Simple Silver and Gold Christmas Tree


8. Bougie Christmas Tree

Turn your evergreen into a supremely luxurious tree with this red and gold Christmas decorating idea.

These rich and classic tones will make your tree look fit for the wealthy.

Use navy ribbons with red and ornaments all over the tree to bring out the sophistication of this design.

It will surely stand out regardless of the interior design in your home. You’ll find a detailed tutorial on Craftberry bush.


9. Minimalist Christmas Tree

For those who live by the saying “less is more”, here’s something for you.

A fluffy evergreen will do the trick. Put fluffy white tree skirt at the base and decorate it with white polymer clay ornaments and wooden ones.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to complete this Christmas tree decorating idea, or it won’t be minimalist.

You can get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.



Minimalist Christmas Tree



10. Colorful Christmas Tree

Put your love for colors to full display with this multicolor lights Christmas tree decorating idea.

Deck out the tree with colorful ornaments and string lights.

Add loads of ribbons of different colors as well.

You can also place pre-lit gift boxes at the base of the tree for extra fanfare.


11. Plaid Ribbon Christmas Tree

What’s Christmas without the plaid pattern? Express your love for ribbons with these Christmas decorating ideas using plaid ribbons.

You can get them here.

It’ll add your personal touch to the tree. You can use whatever ornaments or elements you like.

However, the ribbons will be the highlight of the show.



12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas On A Tight Budget



12. Monochrome Flocked Christmas Tree

You’ll be using a heavily flocked tree for this black and white Christmas tree decorating idea.

Use pale pink and gold ornaments for the decorations with string lights. Finish off the design with black and white ribbons.

This will give the tree a vibe of the best of both the classic tree design and a modernistic one.

It’ll add a glamorous effect to your living room, reminding you of the goodness of the season.



There you have it, 12 not-so-common Christmas tree decorating ideas. Beautify your home and marvel at guests with these designs.

Make it family fun, creating any of these by involving them. You can even get creative by combining some of them.

If you have multiple trees, why not, style them differently using our ideas. That’s it from us, until next time, feel the season.

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