12 Most Comfortable Desk Chairs for Working from Home

Comfortable Desk Chairs for Working from Home: Working from home is now a way of life. 

Whatever your reason for this, a comfortable desk chair for work is crucial to your health and productivity. 

According to the United States Department of Labor, how you sit can cause a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Such as carpal tunnel syndrome, low back injuries, and muscle strain.

That’s why we did all the work to bring you ergonomic home office chairs. 

Even if you’re not ready to set up a home office yet, getting a good desk chair for work is important. 

Don’t just take our word for it, a review of several studies shows that using a height-adjustable ergonomic chair can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pains and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Even if it’s only a desk chair you’ll buy for working at home, you’ll spare yourself some agony and save money on treatments. 

The ergonomic desk chairs on our list won’t drain your purse. 

They’ll help you keep a good posture while you work and serve their purpose for a long time. 



Best Desk Chairs for Working from Home - Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest Executive Rolling Swivel Adjustable Mid Back




12 Most Comfortable Desk Chairs for Working from Home


1. Eurotech Vera


Eurotech Vera


This is a widely used comfortable desk chair for work, especially if you’re managing back pain.

The mesh backrest supports your back and conforms to its shape.

That way, your entire back is resting on the chair to improve comfort.

You can adjust the recline, seat depth, and height to your preference.

The tension control adapts to your weight for maximum support and comfort.

The seat padding is thick and lets you sink in without bottoming out, so you won’t feel the tension even if you sit for long hours. Buy Here


2. Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair


Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

This brand is at the top of the list of elite ergonomic office chair manufacturers and this Sayl chair adequately represents its prowess.

Its eye-catching design is modern and unique.

It’s not all about the aesthetics, though.

This desk chair balances ergonomics with its looks.

It is arguably the most comfortable desk chair specifically for back pain.

The Y-tower with ventilated elastomer mesh lets the backrest stretch and conform to you, offering lumbar support.

Your spine will remain in its natural position for improved posture.

You’ll almost forget you have a back issue while on this chair.

You can also adjust the armrest and the seat height. Buy Here


3. State Line Velvet Executive Chair


3. State Line Velvet Executive Chair


A comfortable desk chair with a classic tuft button style.

If you want your home office to look upscale, this would fit in perfectly.

The padded chair covered in velvet doesn’t just look comfortable, it is.

You’ll sink in, but not hit bottom when you seat on it.

It uses a spring tilt mechanism, so it snaps back to position, and also a pneumatic gas seat lift height adjustment.

Whatever your build, you’ll find an adjustment that’ll keep you comfortable.

The driftwood arms and base finish bring out the elegance of the chair. Buy Here


4. Alera Elusion Task Chair


Alera Elusion Task Chair


This is a budget-friendly desk chair with features like Herman Miller but at a significantly lower price point.

Its multifunction mechanism lets you adjust the tilt, armrest height, and back tilt.

The contoured cushioned seat and the breathable backrest let you sit comfortably for hours.

The mesh lets you rest your back on a soft surface while allowing air in. Buy Here


5. Pinero Task Chair


Pinero Task Chair


If you want an executive type of desk chair, this one is for you.

It sports a simple design with a cushioned seat, backrest, and armrest.

This comfortable desk chair features a metallic frame sturdy enough to endure 8 hours of workday in and day out.

The seat height, tilt, angle, and lumbar support are all adjustable.

Tweak the knobs and levers to test the adjustments till you find the right one for you. Buy Here


6. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Chair


Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Chair


This is a basic office chair alright, but the curved back support and mesh backrest takes the ergonomics a notch higher.

You can adjust the cushioned seat height for comfort and raise the armrest to expand the sitting area.

To make the chair blend with the theme of your workspace, choose from the available 13 colors.

Over 11k people have used this chair and they rate it 4.2 stars. Buy Here


7. Laura Davidson Soft Pad Management Chair


Laura Davidson Soft Pad Management Chair


If you like the comfort of the extra padded chair, this is the one you should get.

The thick padding of the cushion and backrest eases tension on your back and bum.

You won’t feel much strain even if you sit for hours on end.

The seating area is covered in a leatherette material, which makes it easy to clean using a damp cloth.

The chrome-steel frame is commercial grade construction and will survive years of usage.

It even comes with a 2-year warranty.

It uses pneumatic gas seat height adjustment, a high-quality tilt-swivel mechanism, and features a tilt lock.

You can choose among the available 10 colors. Buy Here


8. Best Office Gaming Chair


Best Office Gaming Chair


If you’re a gamer who works from home, you won’t need to buy 2 chairs.

Here’s a comfortable desk chair for work and play.

Of course, it doesn’t look like an office chair.

The look isn’t what’s serving the purpose, it’s the ergonomic support and this chair has it.

It looks more like a racing car seat.

This is because that’s what they modeled the chair after for maximum comfort.

It offers lumbar support with an adjustable headrest and backrest pillow.

You can adjust the height and tilt to your preference.

You can choose from the 4 colors available. Buy Here


9. Steelcase Gesture Desk Chair


Steelcase Gesture Desk Chair


Certain people require special attention.

In this case, this comfortable desk chair is specifically designed for tall people.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise it costs this much.

However, you’ll get a bang for your buck.

As expected, it comes with a wide range of adjustments.

The headrest, back, and seat move in sync with the length of your spine to provide continuous support.

Say hello to a new sitting experience.

The armrest moves like a human arm so you get support whichever way you place your arms.

The chair is available in 3 seat heights depending on how tall you are and you can also get one of the 15 available colors. Buy Here


10. Ticova High-Back Desk Chair


Ticova High-Back Desk Chair


This mesh back chair allows ventilation in your back to reduce heat and aims to provide support to your entire back with its height and lumbar support.

You can adjust the depth and height of the cushioned seat and lumbar support to your preference.

The cushioned headrest is big enough to extend its support to your neck.

The big armrest is reinforced and thick with PU padding.

You can adjust the height and tilt as well as lean the chair back up to 130 degrees.

Over 2k users rate this chair 4.3 stars. Buy Here


11. Modway Articulate


Modway Articulate

It boasts of a 360 degrees swivel and a tilt and lock system.

That way, you can set the seat as you want and lock it in place.

No need to fiddle with the adjustment all the time.

The lumbar support improves your posture and prevents aches and pain, while the mesh back promotes ventilation.

The frame is sturdy enough to hold a weight of 331 pounds.

You can adjust the seat height at the touch of a button.  Buy Here


12. Autonomous Ergo Chair


Autonomous Ergo Chair


When you’re comfortable at work, it’ll reflect on your productivity.

That’s what the manufacturers of this ergonomic chair aim for.

The mesh high-back with lumbar support keeps your spine in its natural position for good posture and comfort.

You can adjust the chair in 7 different forms to fully customize it to your need.

The build is sturdy and will hold a weight of 330 pounds every day for as long as you have to work. Buy Here



Best Home Office Chairs to Work from Home- Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest Executive Rolling Swivel Adjustable Mid Back



You’ve seen the importance of having a comfortable desk chair if you work at home.

It’s for your safety, and your productivity will benefit from it too.

We’ve shown you ergonomic chairs with different features and price tags.

Whatever your budget, there’s one for you on the list.

Go get the one that suits your needs and thank us later.

We look forward to your comments.

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