13 Easy Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas Recipes for Family

Ground Beef Dinner Ideas: If you’re going to eat ground beef, make sure it’s been the best. 

Getting the right recipe can often be tiring, especially when sifting through ground beef. 

Don’t let that bother you anymore because we’ve compiled 13 of the easiest, tasty ground beef dinner ideas. 

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The perfect ground beef dinner depends on getting the right combination of ingredients. 

In this article, you will find some of the most delicious ground beef dinner ideas

Keep reading for some ideas on what to make with ground beef.

Sometimes, we’re lucky to just find easy ground beef recipes with few ingredients, and the feeling is just remarkable. 

Other times, the recipes can call for so much, that ordering takeout just seems better. 

Whether you have tons of ingredients or not, here are 13 ground beef dinner ideas for popular beef dishes.



Easy Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas Recipes for Family




13 Easy and Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas for Family


1. Cheeseburger Pasta


Cheeseburger Pasta -, 13 Easy and Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas for Family


Of course, this recipe tops our list of simple ground beef dinner ideas.

This insanely delicious ground beef recipe takes about 40 minutes plus preparation time.

Enjoy these two amazing dishes as one wholesome dinner and be sated.

What’s more, you wouldn’t need to compromise on your favorite cheeseburger toppings either!

Go right ahead and whip up your topping, add the ground beef and enjoy.

Some find that substituting mayonnaise with sour cream works best for them.

Either way, you’ve got yourself a satisfying ground beef dinner.


2. Chilli Cornbread Casserole


Chilli Cornbread Casserole


If you happen to have a fresh batch of chili, that’s great.

However, you can also create this using leftover chili! Just pour your chili (with ground beef) into a pan, then add a cornbread mix.

Bake and let it cool and enjoy!


3. Ground Beef Meatballs


Ground Beef Meatballs - 13 Easy and Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas for Family


Meatballs are easily a favorite, and having a batch of meatballs stored away is a lifesaver.

One favorite of the ground beef dinner ideas for meatballs is spaghetti and meatballs.

Without going overboard, just mix your ground beef with cheese, seasoning, milk, and breadcrumbs or flour. Bake and enjoy.


4. Korean Beef and Rice


Korean Beef and Rice


The gloriously delicious blend of flavors in this dish is amazing.

It is easy to make, friendly on the pockets, and gives you room for creativity.

Mix in the ground beef with soy sauce, brown sugar, seasoning, red peppers, and ginger, then cook.

Serve with rice or quinoa, and some veggies for more color.

Ground Beef Recipes without Pasta


1. Cabbage Bowls


Cabbage Bowls - 13 Easy and Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas for Family


For this recipe, you’ll need ground beef, seasoning or broth, sesame seeds, garlic, tomato sauce, and some onions.

Cook, then add steamed rice and shredded cabbage.

It’s easy to make, and is packed with the fibers and proteins you need.

What’s more, it’s one of the ground beef dinner ideas that just fill you up.


2. Egg Roll in a Bowl


Egg Roll in a Bowl


This is a favorite of the low-carb ground beef dinner ideas.

It is highly nutritious and contains enough fiber and flavors to satisfy you.

Sautee ground beef, soy sauce, shredded cabbage, ginger, onions, and seasoning. Scramble and enjoy.


3. Homemade Taco Soup


Homemade Taco Soup


This Mexican-inspired homemade dish is simply amazing.

The earthy blend of green chilies, Mexican tomatoes, bell peppers, and taco flavor makes this a bomb!

Allow your ground beef to simmer on low heat for a more juicy finish.


4. Cheeseburger Pizza


Cheeseburger Pizza


Cheese, ground beef, and pizza?

Sign me up quickly! This combination is more than flavourful.

It is delicious, and it allows you to go crazy with your choice of topping.

You can make your pizza dough from scratch, or use store-bought ones.

Layer on some seasoned tomato paste, ground beef, mushrooms, cheese, mustard sauce, and ketchup onto your pizza crust. Bake and enjoy.


Recipes with Ground Beef and Potatoes


1. Cheeseburger Salad with Potatoes


Cheeseburger Salad with Potatoes


Yes, you read that right: a cheeseburger salad.

And why not?

Combine your salad with some ground beef, seasoning, tomatoes, cheese, diced russet or Irish potatoes, and your preferred dressing.

It’s a lighter, nutritious alternative to having a regular cheeseburger.

It’ll be so satisfying, you won’t even miss the buns.

2. Ground Beef Stew


Ground Beef Stew


This is one of the most versatile ground beef dinner ideas out there.

It consists of ground beef, diced onions, potatoes, peas, carrots, and seasoning.

Cook on low heat in beef broth and butter, and enjoy.


3. Irish Ground Beef Casserole


Irish Ground Beef Casserole- 13 Easy and Quick Ground Beef Dinner Ideas for Family


Now hold on, even though its name sounds like it’s going to take a lot to make, I assure you it doesn’t.

It’s one of the easiest ground beef dinner ideas out there.

It combines mashed potatoes with flour, butter, seasoning, broth, cloves, onions, and ground beef.

Bake, serve and garnish with shredded cabbage or basil.


4. Ground Beef and Potato Casserole


Ground Beef and Potato Casserole


Yes, there’s just so much we can do with ground beef and potatoes.

This is one of our favorite ground beef dinner ideas, and you’ll soon know why.

The secret ingredient is the healthy, earthy flavor of the mushroom soup.

When combined with ground beef, sliced potatoes, onions, seasoning, milk, and cheese, the result is amazing deliciousness.

Cook in a slow cooker for more pizzazz, then garnish with some vegetables and enjoy.


5. Ground Beef Curry


Ground Beef Curry


Last but not least of our ground beef dinner ideas is this amazing dish.

The unique flavors of the garam masala powder and jeera (cumin) powder, together with the ginger, garlic, and tomato pastes are just golden.

Cook and garnish and serve atop some Basmati rice, brown rice, or even quinoa.


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There you have it, 13 of the easiest ground beef dinner ideas.

While each of these ground beef dinner ideas can be eaten any other time of the day, they make wonderful dinners.

Be prepared to entertain them as regular additions to your meals because you’ll be sure to love them.

Also, whether you opt for common beef dishes or 5-star ground beef recipes, there’s one rule to abide by.

Remember to go easy on the fatty condiments, and dial up the flavoring.

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