15 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers for the Money

Battery Powered Leaf Blowers: Gone are the days when electric and fuel leaf blowers were staples. 

Nowadays, many people downright hate cords and want everything cordless. 

If you’re one of those people and you need to keep your garage, yard, or workshop clean, this list of battery-powered leaf blowers is for you.

There are many options available, but we’ve spared you the effort of sorting through them. 

We considered trusted brands, features, budget, etc. to make this list cover many preferences. 

You’ll find most of them on Amazon so you can read through user opinions to inform your choice.

Remember, the best battery-powered leaf blower is a relative term. 

People choose what’s best for them based on different reasons. 

In that vein, the blower that’s best for you I one that meets at least most of your needs at a favorable price.


15 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers for the Money




Top15 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers for the Money

1. Ego Power+ LB6504


Ego Power+ LB6504


It packs a lot of power, literally challenging those who think battery-powered leaf blowers aren’t as powerful as their corded cousins.

You’ll get a whopping 650 cubic feet per minute (CFM) when operating on the turbo mode.

It’ll run for 200 minutes in the low setting, which still has enough power to get the job done.

The battery will charge from zero to full in about 100 minutes.

That way, you can get back to work faster.

The Ego cordless leaf blower has an ergonomic design with a curved handle so you can grip it easily.

With the tapered and flat nozzle attachment, you have different ways to blow dirt off your property. Buy Here 


2. Milwaukee F18


Milwaukee F18


If you have a small yard and other tools from the same brand, this is a great option for a battery-powered leaf blower to get.

This is so because this option does not come with a battery or charger. It’s one of the base tools from Milwaukee that uses the same battery and charger as other tools from the brand.

That way, you can save money.

It has an airflow rating of 450 CFM and a wind velocity of 120 mph.

Therefore, it’s appropriate for smaller yards with fewer leaves to get rid of. Over 1,500 users have rated it 4.8 stars.

It’s a great blower for minor jobs. Buy Here 


3. Kimo 2-in-1 Leaf Blower


Kimo 2-in-1 Leaf Blower


If you like tools that can do more than one thing, this battery-powered leaf blower is the right option for you.

It can vacuum and blow! That’s double value for your money.

You won’t need to buy a vacuum cleaner again.

Do note, however, that it’s only limited to small jobs.

It’s compact and lightweight, so you won’t have trouble using it for long or with storage.

It can run for 20 minutes at full speed, and it doesn’t take long to recharge.

You can replace its collection bag for those times you use it as a vacuum.

This is the ideal tool for cleaning your car, clearing leaves out of the gutter, or even blowing snow off the stairs. Buy Here 


4. Ryobi Jet Fan Leaf Blower


Ryobi Jet Fan Leaf Bloerw


If you and your neighbors are sensitive to noise, you need a battery-powered leaf blower that operates silently.

This one from Ryobi is an excellent choice.

Almost every battery-powered leaf blower reviews agree with this.

Don’t think this makes it any less powerful, though.

This silent beast churns out 110 mph of wind velocity and covers 500 CFM.

It runs on a 40V lithium-ion battery with a dedicated charger featuring an LED that lets you monitor the charging progress.

It also prevents the battery from overcharging and regulates the voltage input.

This makes it one of the best lithium-ion cordless leaf blowers. Buy Here 


5. DeWalt XR Leaf Blower

DeWalt XR Leaf Blower


DeWalt is a huge name in the power tools industry and it has been trusted over the years.

It sports a high-efficiency brushless motor that gives outputs high power and extends battery life.

It has a compact design and is lightweight.

The handle is ergonomically designed with the power trigger where your hand will naturally be.

That allows you to switch speeds without too much movement and flexing.

The blower gets up to 450 CFM with 125 mph wind speed.

That’s enough power to blow dirt out of your workshop or yard.

The battery lasts up to 87 minutes on low speed and is considerably shorter on high.

With a 66 dB noise level, it’s pretty quiet for all that power. Buy Here 


6. Worx Nitro WG 585 Cordless Leaf Blower


Worx Nitro WG 585 Cordless Leaf Blower


This line of power tools comes in 20 and 40 volts batteries.

This one we’re featuring comes with a 40V battery.

This battery-powered leaf blower runs on the sonic turbine fan technology that gives off 620 CFM at 125 mph.

That’s a lot of power from one of the slimmest leaf blowers you’ll ever see.

Because of its size, it is lightweight, so you’ll experience less fatigue during use.

If you have a collection of Worx PowerShare tools, you can save some money on this one.

Simply buy the option without the battery since you can use the same battery that powers the other Worx tools. Buy Here 


7. Makita XBU04 3-in-1


Makita XBU04 3-in-1


Here’s another battery-powered leaf blower with multiple abilities.

It can mulch, vacuum, and blow.

This is good value for money. It blows pretty well with its 473 CFM capacity.

It can also shred leaves, reducing them to 10 times its capacity.

For instance, 10 bags of leaves will turn into 1 bag using the metal impeller.

It also comes with a dirt collection bag for when you use it as a vacuum. Buy Here 


8. Greenworks Pro Cordless Leaf Blower


Greenworks Pro Cordless Leaf Blower


Even though this brand is not as popular as the big ones, it manufactures top-quality tools.

This cordless leaf blower has an impressive capacity of 580 MPH and a wind speed of 145 mph.

That places it at the top quarter of a list of similar tools. It has 3 variable speeds that let it output power as desired.

It’s powered by an 80V lithium-ion battery that delivers 20 minutes of runtime.

If you have other tools from this brand that use 80V batteries, you can go for the base tool.

That way, you can share batteries between your tools and save money. Buy Here 


9. Milwaukee M18 Cordless Leaf Blower


Milwaukee M18 Cordless Leaf Blower


If you want your battery-powered leaf blower to last long, go for one with a brushless motor like this one.

The specialized motor helps it deliver high power and efficiently uses a battery.

It lets out an airflow of 450 CFM at a speed of 120 mph.

It uses a RE Lithium battery that supports its high output and a rapid charger that cuts the wait time before the next usage.

The power button is by the handle so you can power the tool while comfortably holding it.

You get a 3-year warranty on the tool and another 3 on the battery.

That assures you of the quality of what you’re buying. Buy Here 


10. Stihl BGA 200 Leaf Blower


Stihl BGA 200 Leaf Blower

If weight is important to you, try this Stihl battery-powered leaf blower.

It shifts the bulk of the weight and distributes it between your shoulders and back.

So, instead of holding 10 to 12 pounds, you’ll be carrying the bulk of it on your back.

That’s good thinking for convenience.

It’s quite powerful though, and since the weight is not a big deal because of its design, the battery lasts longer than most too.

However, you’d have to shell out good money to own this Stihl leaf blower. Buy Here 


11. Skil PwrCore 40


Skil PwrCore 40


For a full-kit battery-powered leaf blower on budget, here you go.

Thank us later.

The brushless motor delivers 500 CFM at a speed of 120 mph.

That’s some serious power at this price point.

You’ll get decent runtime and super-fast charging.

It can go from zero to 30% in just 15 minutes, and it weighs less than 9 pounds.

This blower has everything going for it. Buy Here 


12. Hart 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

Hart 40V Cordless Leaf Blower


The turbofan design lets you thoroughly clear light debris off your floor.

With 280 CFM at 120 mph speed, this battery-powered leaf blower is decent for small jobs in your workshop or yard.

It has variable speed to allow you to control the power and use the battery efficiently.

One good thing is that you can use the battery that comes with it on other 40V Hart power tools. Buy Here 

13. Toro PowerPlex 51690 Cordless Leaf Blower


Toro PowerPlex 51690 Cordless Leaf Blower

This cordless blower is worth considering as it maxes out at 605 CFM with a wind speed of 115 mph.

This reading ranks it higher than most of its competitors.

It has 3 variable speeds that let you control its power output based on the task at hand.

You can also switch the tip of the nozzle according to what type of dirt you’re dealing with.

This blower will work for up to 60 minutes on its lowest setting. Buy Here 


14. Sun Joe Blower/Vacuum Combo


Sun Joe BlowerVacuum Combo


Not every battery-powered leaf blower is cut out for the heavy work. 

Sometimes, you merely have a little cleaning to do and it’ll be overkill to use the big ones. 

Such times are when this is useful.

Letting out 105 CFM at 185 mph is good power for lightweight jobs. 

You also get 2 dust bags for when you vacuum. 

You can use this to clean your car and furniture and deal with small dirt in your garage or workshop. Buy Here 


16. Greenworks Pro Backpack Leaf Blower


Greenworks Pro Backpack Leaf Blower


Here’s another backpack version to help you properly distribute weight.

The thick, padded straps won’t let you feel the small 15 pounds on your shoulder.

You can use it for the whole 40 minutes without feeling sore on your shoulder.

The 80V battery will also charge within 40 minutes.

The 580 CFM and 180 mph output adequately handle your lawn cleaning routine with ease. Buy Here 



!Even though the corded and gas-powered variants are more powerful, no one enjoys being tethered or handling noise.

There are tons of reasons to opt for a battery-powered leaf blower.

As you make this transition, we hope you found one that suits your needs on our list.

If so, waste no more time. Some of them are almost out of stock.

So, go get yours now

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