15 Christmas Decor Ideas – Here You Have Them

Christmas Decor Ideas – People are extra excited about Christmas in 2021. Of course, they should, as the nation barely celebrated because of the events of 2020. Retail giants have reported a soaring rise in searches about Christmas this season.

Since you’re here, we assume you to are planning to celebrate this Christmas with intention.

With that in mind, we bring you Christmas decor ideas that’ll highlight the gratitude, hope, and excitement this season will bring.



15 Christmas Decor Ideas – Here You Have Them

1. Re-Lit Christmas Tree

It’s uncertain you’ll go into the woods to cut pine trees for your decoration this season.

That doesn’t mean you should have a Christmas tree in your home.

This artificial tree will do justice by bringing the spirit of the season into your home.

You won’t have to do much in terms of design since it comes with lights and some ornaments.

However, you can make it extra shiny by adding more lights.



Re-Lit Christmas Tree -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them


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2. Silver and Gold Accents

Bring the snow into your home without the freezing conditions with lots of silver-toned decoration.

Its muted and cool tone brings modern vibes into your home.

Plus, it contrasts to gold, which will pop and add some warmth, making it an ideal Christmas decor idea for a living room.


3. Window Cling Stickers

Show off the season on your window or any smooth surface with this snowflake and Christmas element stickers.

You don’t need glue or anything to apply them, they’ll just stick and are easy to peel off and store.

That means you can use them again next season. That saves you a lot of money!

This package includes 300 pieces of decals on 8 sheets.

The stickers will look great on the wall or window of your kid’s room.

You can buy this Christmas decor idea with confidence since over 7k people have and are loving it. No wonder it’s Amazon’s Choice.



Window Cling Stickers- 15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them



4. Rustic Christmas Decoration

This will make a beautiful Christmas table decoration, especially if there’s a romantic occasion such as a wedding anniversary or an engagement dinner.

Wooden details and neutral shades are a romantic combination when you combine them with the natural beauty of winter.

Use slices of tree trunks as plate placement with creamy candles in golden sticks.

Add some rustic accent to complete the themed Christmas decoration.


5. Lighted Christmas Gift Boxes

Light up the fir garland in your living room or use this Christmas decor idea outdoors.

Whichever way, your home will express the joy of the season, and you’ll be glad indeed.

You can get these lit-up boxes in warm white or multicolor.


Lighted Christmas Gift Boxes -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them



6. Mercury Glass Christmas Tree

This cute little Christmas home decor idea can work for bedrooms.

Simply place it on the nightstand and let it serve as a nightlight.

You can get in gold or green or single or a pack of 2. It runs on 3 AA batteries, which can last for 240 hours.


Mercury Glass Christmas Tree


7. Cordless Christmas Garland

This is a good front door Christmas decor idea since it doesn’t need tethering to a socket.

Make your home inviting this Christmas with this shape-shifting decoration.

You can let it hang above the door frame or shape it into a wreath to hand on the door itself.

It runs on 3 AA batteries and has a waterproof housing for protection.



Cordless Christmas Garland -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them


8. Deer Family Lit Decoration Set

Here’s a lovely front porch Christmas decor idea to make your home stand out this season.

You won’t have to worry about leaving it outside. It’s built for purpose as an outdoor Christmas decor with metallic chassis with fabric and zip ties that protect the connection.

This Christmas decor idea is also sturdy to withstand the weather.

So, you’ll get value for your money for many seasons.



Deer Family Lit Decoration Set


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9. Curtain String Lights

This Christmas decor idea will make an excellent backdrop for the season.

Simply hang it in front of a wall or window and watch the room light up in a warm glow.

You can also get this item in blue, purple, or multicolor.

You can even leave it on after Christmas as it will pass as regular home decor.


Curtain String Lights -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them


10. Little Plush Christmas Gnomes

If you like folklore, here’s one for you.

In Scandinavia, they believe that Christmas gnomes bring gifts and good fortunes.

Won’t you like them this merry season?

If you fancy that, this fluffy Christmas decor idea is for you.

They’ll bring you a healthy dose of good fortune and pretty little gifts.


Little Plush Christmas Gnomes -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them


11. Glitter Christmas Tree Topper

If you’re tired of Christmas tree stars that won’t stay on, this one does its job pretty well.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what people are saying. It’s Amazon’s Choice for a reason.

Its intricate detail will look nice on any tree, old or new.


Glitter Christmas Tree Topper -15 Christmas Decor Ideas - Here You Have Them


12. Knitted Christmas Stockings Pattern 


This 6-pack of large knit 18 inches long stocking is a nice Christmas decor idea to gift someone or use as an office Christmas decor idea. Almost 3k people rated it 4.8 stars and said the stockings are elastic enough to fit their stocking stuffers.


Knitted Stockings



13. 2 Set Plaid Throw Pillow Cover

Here’s an ideal buffalo plaid Christmas decor idea to bring home the Christmas feel.

You won’t need to change your throw pillows, just wear these on them and zip it.

You can also throw it in the wash without worry for convenience.

According to some users, the quality is good and has lasted longer than they expected.

There’s a monochrome option if you fancy black and white Christmas decor. We suggest you try it.



2 Set Plaid Throw Pillow Cover




14. Customized Christmas Marble Ornaments

This is a suitable farmhouse Christmas decor idea or for newlyweds celebrating the season for the first time.

The typo includes the address, name of the couple, and the year.

The detailing makes this item lovely as a gift as well.

So, whichever way you want to use it, you can’t get it wrong.



Customized Christmas Marble Ornaments


15. 3-Piece Snowman Handle Covers

This is a fun kitchen Christmas decor idea everyone in your home will interact with.

The fabric snowmen wrap around the handles of equipment in your kitchen such as refrigerators, cookers, etc.

They don’t only look good bringing Christmas to your kitchen, they also feel good to the touch.


3-Piece Snowman Handle Covers



Christmas is a highly anticipated holiday and you’ll fully be a part of it with our Christmas decor ideas.

Adopt some of them this holiday and your home will be one of the best decorated on the block.

Whichever item you want, simply follow the link to get them.

On that note, that’s it from us. Keep your preparation going and be sure to have fun.

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