15 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do on A Budget

 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects – Farmhouse living is considered a delightful pastime as we’re all crowding the cities. However, farmhouse living is evergreen and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Memories of your grandparent’s home won’t fade away and farmhouse décor is always a delight to behold.

Since you can’t up and move back to the countryside, why don’t you bring the feel to your city home?

We can help with that as we bring you DIY farmhouse décor you can accent your city home with.

You can pull off these projects on a budget and still enjoy the splendor of farmhouse interior designs.

Without further ado, let’s get right on with them.


15 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do on A Budget




DIY Farmhouse Decor That Will Take You Down Country Road

Here’s a sort of disclaimer, you have to be handy, or at least creative to pull these projects off.

They’re not technical or difficult to make, we made sure of that in our selection.

However, you have to be able to use some basic household tools.


1. Coffee Cup Holder

This is an ideal way to bring the country into your kitchen.

Modern kitchen design will probably have you store your coffee mugs out of sight.

This DIY farmhouse decor will have you exhibit them in full display.



Coffee Cup Holder Farm House


All you’ll need is a few strips of wood and some hooks you can easily get from your local hardware store.

With a hammer and some nails, a little time and effort, this décor will grace the wall of your kitchen.


Depending on the type of coffee cups you have, you’ll add some color to the wall and save some cabinet space.



2. Glowing Farmhouse Light

Instead of buying lantern scones, why don’t you make yours?

It doesn’t take much and you might not even spend a dime.

If you can find a couple of planks, hooks, short chains, and mason jars, you can pull this off.


Glowing Farmhouse Light



How to do it:

  • Spray the planks with a paint of your choice.
  • Nail a hook on each plank.
  • The short chains will attach to the rim of each of the mason jars.
  • Place the chain handle of the jars on the hook on the planks.
  • Light candles and place them inside the mason jars. You can use scented candles if you want to hype the feel.
  • Attach the planks as a bedroom wall décor or a living room design.

Now you have yourself a DIY farmhouse scones décor.



3. Show the Love That Bonds Your Family


If you have wood lying around your house, this DIY farmhouse decor idea is one of the numerous ways you can use it.


Spray the wood in whatever color you want and stencil the word “Love” on it in a contrasting color.

You can get creative by using a heart sign instead of the “O”.

Do you want to take it further?

Use pressed flowers, sparkle dust, or other decorative things to form the heart instead of just stenciling it in.

Hang it on the wall as a rustic décor.



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4. A Crate of Flowers

If you want flowers in your home, here’s a DIY farmhouse decor to make that happen.

And you have a wooden crate lying around, you’re in luck, you might not need to spend a dime.

If not, you might have to go buy one.



A Crate of Flowers with Mason Jar


You’ll also need mason jars where the flowers will sit.

Here’s the thing, it’s your home and your décor, you can have it anyhow you want.


At this point, you can go for faux flowers at a creative store or real flowers that’ll require some nurturing.

Whichever you choose, the DIY farmhouse home décor is a splendid idea.



5. Wooden Shelves

These will look good in any room in your home, or all of them if you want.

What this farmhouse décor will certainly do is bring the country style into your home.

All you need is a loose wooden plant you can use as the top. You might not be able to fashion wood into the antique style yourself.

In that case, simply buy the wooden brackets from a home improvement store and paint or distress it to your taste.


Use it as a bathroom décor to hold your toiletries and scented candles.


6. Wooden Framed Mirror


Wooden Framed Mirror


You might have to buy the wooden panels you’ll need for this.

If you’re handy and have quite some planks lying around, by all means, build a mirror frame off them.

You can use a mirror you already have or get a new one for $5 or even less.

This room décor will bring the rustic style to your entryway or any other room you choose to feature it.


7. Farmhouse Cabinet

This DIY farmhouse decor will look perfect in your kitchen or bathroom.

You can get the planks you need from an old wooden crate.

If you have one, great, if not, you can buy from a flea market or thrift store. You’ll also need chicken wire.

After putting the cabinet together with the way you prefer, the chicken wire will be the front panel where the glass used to be in a modern cabinet. That gives it the rustic country feel.


8. Stairway Gallery

No part of old wooden furniture should go to waste. This DIY farmhouse décor idea proves that.


You can easily convert your stairway gallery into a reminiscence of country style.

Fashion an old wooden board with any design you want. You could even use it as a frame for modern-day art.

This will strike a lovely balance between old and new.


If you have broken parts of a wooden table, how about staining the wood and attach it to your stairway gallery for effect.


9. Hanging Picture Frames


15 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do on A Budget



Do you have a big wall you don’t know what you do with?

Here’s an idea to use curtain rods in other creative ways.

You’ll need wood of different sizes to construct picture frames in the country way.


You’ll also need chains or anything else to attach the frames to the curtain rod. We chose chains to make it stand out.


Attach a decorative curtain rod to the wall with hooks on it.

With the chains attached to the wooden picture frames, hang them on the hook attached to the rod.


This DIY farmhouse décor will surely make you miss home if you come from the countryside.


10. Repurpose a Vintage Item


15 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do on A Budget



DIY farmhouse décor does not always mean you have to build from scratch.

In some cases, you can make an aesthetically pleasing décor just by repurposing what already is.


For instance, if you have a vintage door or window frame, you could simply add a few touches and hang it as wall décor.

This type of home décor can work for almost any room design.


11. Toilet Paper Holder Plus Shelf


Toilet Paper Holder Plus Shelf



This is something to bring that rustic feel to your bathroom.

It is beautiful and functional and doesn’t take much to create.

All you need is an old plank, towel holder, brackets, and paints if you want.

All the things you need for this DIY farmhouse décor project are things you can find in your local home improvement store or thrift shops.


12. Blanket Ladder

It’s always reassuring seeing a blanket hung ready to use.

This project is easy to put together as all you need is a few pieces of wood and a few tools to make a ladder.

Hand your blankets on the rungs of the ladder to complete the effect.


13. Repurpose Milk Bottles


Repurpose Milk Bottles


Don’t throw your milk bottles away anymore, they can save you some money as you bring farmhouse décor into your home.

Those milk bottles can become a flower vase.


Get chalk paints from a local dollar or creative store.

Splash it on the bottles to give it a rustic look and place your faux or real flowers in them. They’ll sit pretty on center tables, entryway consoles, or your nightstand.


14. Candle Sticks DIY Farmhouse Decor

Let’s go repurposing again, shall we?

Remember that thing we said about not disposing of vintage furniture?

Imagine the legs of an old table.

Wouldn’t they look good as farmhouse candlesticks when painted and distressed as a rustic accent?



15. Farmhouse Planter Box



15 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do on A Budget


We’ve seen wooden crate planters.

Now it’s time for another wooden planter.

This time, you won’t be using a mason jar, the plant will be in the wooden box itself.

Construct a wooden box with old planks you have lying around.

Get some fertile dirt to put in and plant your favorite flowering shrub.

Use this DIY farmhouse décor to beautify your doorway or maybe even your living room.



There you have it, all the DIY farmhouse decor projects you can use to bring country style into any modern home.

These projects are easy to make and won’t cost you much. Take a chance today and raise the aesthetic game of your home.

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