15 Top Beautiful Places to Visit in the World Bucket List

Do you know about beautiful places to visit in the World? One of the best memories is created in places we visit in the world. 

Whether alone or with some set of people, there are many fun travel destinations in the world. 

Also, there are many fun places to visit in the world with family, friends, lovers, etc. 

Knowing these places is the first step to a memorable vacation or outing. 

Thankfully, we have put together a list of 15 remarkable places to visit in the world. 

Each of these places is unique in its way, many of them being great remarkable historical sites.

Whatever the reason or occasion is, finding places to visit in the world is priceless. 

There are various places to visit in the world before you die that give you that rush! 

Whether you’re craving white sandy beaches or time with nature, you’re on the right track. 

Keep reading to find your dream location for that event, getaway, or vacation.



15 Top Beautiful Places to Visit in the World Bucket List




15 Top Places to Visit in the World Bucket List

If you have a bucket list of places to visit, then consider these fun options.

Whether you’re an outdoorsy, urban, or rural kind of traveler, you’ll love these places.


 1. Mauritius, Indian Ocean


Mauritius, Indian Ocean - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


Here is one of the fun places to visit in the world while on a budget.

From the famous hiking groves to the white sandy beaches, Mauritius has picture-perfect spots.

The islands, dunes, and rainforests are perfect spots for sunbathing and picnicking.

Whether you’re visiting the food stalls, markets, or beaches, you’re in for a lifetime experience.

It’s also the perfect place for fun activities and getting in tune with nature.


 2. Paris, France


Paris, France - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


For obvious reasons, Paris is on this list of exciting places to visit in the world.

Known as many things including the “city of love”, it’s perfect for lovers.

It’s ranked as one of the best places to visit in the world for couples.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, to the Louvre, Paris offers the whole experience.

Whether or not it’s your first time visiting, Paris is the perfect destination for any and everyone.

Paris sets the mood for fun for every enjoyment, whether you’re enjoying delicious pastries on the Rue Royale, or with your partner at the Eiffel Tower.


 3. Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos, Nigeria - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


Although small in terms of land area, Lagos has a variety of offers for everyone.

Pleasure spots to romantic places, daytime and nighttime fun, Lagos boasts of it all.

Whoever says you can’t visit Lagos on a budget has not seen it all.

Lagos has budget-friendly spots, such as Freedom Park, Lekki Conservation Centre, and e.t.c.

In addition to all it offers, Lagos provides easy access to Badagry, which is another tourist hot-spot.

Unwind and have fun in Lagos the next time you visit Lagos.


 4. Bali, Indonesia


Bali, Indonesia - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


This place is fascinated with exotic animals, exciting cuisine, and nature, with the groove of having memorable adventures.

Social media have contributed to its notoriety on places to visit in the world.

It offers a wide variety of options for single travelers, family vacations, anniversaries, etc.

Many visitors insist that it helps them connect more with their natural environment, and that’s obvious.

Bali has the perfect blend of beaches, jungles, animals -both large and small.

In the words of many visitors, “Bali simply is paradise!”

Feel free to add it to your bucket list of places to visit in the world.


 5. Bo Kaap, Capetown


Bo Kaap, Capetown - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


Without a doubt, this multicultural settlement is perfect for single and company travelers.

The most fun comment from visitors and vacationers is how budget-friendly touring Bo Kaap is.

As for the “why”, Bo Kaap has some of the best spice markets and colorful houses in Capetown.

Besides its rich culture, Bo Kaap has several picturesque locations.

You can visit the botanical gardens, museums, e.t.c.


 6. The Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia


The Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


They say if you’re on a budget and want to have fun, visit Cambodia.

This province is blessed with vast natural resources, vegetation, and landscapes, and is perfect for tourists.

The tranquil location is known for its abundance of temples and religious sites.

Why should this make it on your list of places to visit in the world? Easy.

The abundance of natural sites and waterfalls makes it the perfect tourist spot.

You can go hiking with family or with your loved ones, or you can take hiking tours.


 7. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


This is the perfect destination for lovers of the sea and white sandy beaches.

Besides the rich cultural immersion offered when interacting with the locals, Dubrovnik has its charm.

With several touring opportunities and locations to unwind, it’s no wonder it’s a vacation favorite of many.

There are some more reasons why Dubrovnik is the perfect spot for your next trip.

The Lokeum Island is perfect for hiking and picnicking.

Also, the historical Lovrijenac fortress offers beautiful, panoramic views of the sea.

The best part? You can go to these places on a budget!


 8. The Paro Valley, Bhutan


The Paro Valley, Bhutan -Beautiful places to Visit in the World


This city is not just popular for its tourist attraction sites, but it’s one of Bhutan’s most historic places.

The many beautiful spots make it one of the best places to visit in the world.

It has several cultural sites and historic buildings.

The Paro valley is well known for its picturesque countryside, its museums, e.t.c.

Also, the Chelela Pass is perfect for cloud gazing with family, friends, or your significant other.

To get the full treatment, try lodging in one of the farmhouse home-stays.


 9. Rome, Italy


Rome, Italy - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


While many other places boast of their natural environments before architecture, Rome does the reverse.

It’s famous for its breathtaking architectural structures and is the perfect vacation spot for families and lovers.

The Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Basilica, the Colosseum, e.t.c. are all exotic places to visit.

What’s more, visiting these places doesn’t cost much if you’re going sightseeing.


10. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, Japan - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


We’ve seen the movies and pictures on social media, and we can all agree that Japan is a beautiful place.

It is one of the best places to visit in the world.

Tokyo beckons to all, having a tour from the lakes and museums to Anime gadget towns and cosplay exhibitions.

The lovers are not left out, as Japan’s cherry blossoms are the perfect setting for romance.

The Japanese culture and lifestyle appeal to many, and their sights draw droves of tourists.

Of particular interest to many tourists are the Akihabara town and cafe.

Here, people are given the whole experience of anime life, complete with live participants.

It is as real as it gets, and it’s perfect for every otaku out there.


11. Cairo, Egypt


Cairo, Egypt - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


Known as the home of bazaars, camels, and deserts, Egypt has a whole lot more to offer.

From the Pyramids of Giza to the Alabaster Mosque, Cairo offers the whole tourist experience.

The particular interest to many tourists is the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, the Pyramid of Djoser, e.t.c.

Try your hand at haggling at the bazaars and immerse yourself in the rich culture.


12. Zermatt, Switzerland


Zermatt, Switzerland - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


If you love ice and snow, then this haven is for you.

This destination is straight out of a fairytale, catching a cruise from snow-capped mountains to ski resorts and frozen lakes.

Many don’t know this, but Zermatt also has several activities and sports for the warm climate.

It has lakes, gardens, forests, and many romantic places.

If you’re looking for the best of all seasons, then you need to visit Zermatt.


13. The Ngwo Pine Forest, Nigeria


The Ngwo Pine Forest, Nigeria - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


This spectacular location is hidden within the culturally diverse country, Nigeria.

This hidden treasure is a perfect blend of serene and adventurous and beckons to all.

The unique placement of pine trees and a winding stream makes it perfect for lovers.

What’s more, it’s more than suitable for family and excursion trips.

It’s a natural environment that satisfies all who wish to experience the culture of the Enugu people.

The next time you’re in Nigeria, be sure to take a look at this amazing destination.


14. Madagascar


Madagascar - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


For this quaint destination, every part of it is memorable.

From the Baobab Avenue to the amazing rainforest, to the lemurs and beaches, Madagascar sure has a lot to offer.

On a budget, this place certainly helps you make fond memories with family and friends.

Also, it’s the perfect spot for vacations and romantic getaways.


15. Delhi, India


Delhi, India - Beautiful places to Visit in the World


Beyond Bollywood, visiting India offers a whole lot to tourists and vacationers.

Many low-budget tours can be made to the Red Fort, the several mausoleums, the Lotus temple, e.t.c.

If you’re looking for more fun in Delhi, try visiting the city at night.

It’s a whole different place.

At night, the city comes alive with bazaars, local food markets, e.t.c.

For lovers, you can take a tour to visit the Garden of Five Senses, the Deer Park, e.t.c.

Delhi offers a wide range of places for you to relax and unwind with your significant other.


Most Beautiful Places in the World



In conclusion, the best part about most of these beautiful places is that you can visit them on a budget. 

Living your best life doesn’t have to cost much. 

What you need are the right attitude and the right company.

Pro Tip: 

As a rule of thumb, don’t go for hotels near the hotspots of these places to visit in the world, they’re usually the most expensive. 

If you’re on a budget, go for cheaper accommodations elsewhere. 

What’s more, you get to enjoy the scenic routes to these places to visit in the world.

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