17 Best Pretty Nails for Winter: Nail Ideas, Art and Design

Best Pretty Nails for Winter: A new season begets new fashion, and it only makes sense to balance things with new accessories as well.

That winter can be bland doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy.

While you stuff up with warm clothes, you can show off your style with fashionable nails for winter.

There are enough nail designs for winter to fill an entire calendar.

However, we’ll bring you the trendiest ones to wrap up this year in style.

This winter is worth celebrating, considering the events we’ve experienced throughout the year.

With that said, get on with things.


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What Color Nails are in for Winter?

Going by the opinions of professional fashionistas, pink, yellow, and orange will be the shade of Fall/Winter this year.

We believe other hues of these colors will cut it too.

Don’t get too hung up on those, though.

You’re entitled to don whatever color distracts you from the chilling temperatures and makes you feel pretty.

We’re certainly not limiting ourselves with our ideas for nails for winter. So, get ready to see some glorious trends.


17 Best Pretty Nails for Winter – Nail Ideas, Art and Design

1. Pink Ombre Nails


Pink Ombre Nails


French ombre nails for winter are a great way to wear a classic design and still be on-trend.

Polish your nails with this milky pink and use a gold flake or glitter to do a glam accent on a nail in each hand.

This will surely take your nail ideas for winter up a huge notch.


2. Reverse Red Nails


Reverse Red Nails


You can pull this off with any shade of red nail lacquer.

However, we tried it with the one we’re featuring here.

This is a nail for winter you can pull off yourself.

Execute this by painting each nail red, starting away from the nail bed, and pointing toward the tip.

When you’re done, use a dotting tool to apply a gold dot in the space between the nail polish and your cuticle.


3. Golden Eye Nails


Golden Eye Nails


Here’s a cute design that works great on short nails for winter.

Paint the tips of your nail and the base such that there’s an oval of bare nail in the middle.

This is a simple, yet beautiful nail for winter design.


4. Starry Night


Starry Night


If you want to stick with your dark nail colors for winter, it’s okay.

How about adding a shimmery silver (like we’re featuring) accent to it? It makes any dark color look vibrant.

Pick a finger (we went for the 4th one) to adorn with the shimmery gel. Star Night


5. Grayed Out


Grayed Out


Glossy gray is a classy color nail for winter.

You can wear it on any professional outfit or wool coat at a casual weekend party.

When applying this, use up to 3 coats of the polish to get a fully glossy cover.


6. Like Fine Wine


Like Fine Wine


Wine nail polish goes well on any skin tone.

To add a sophisticated touch to it, use it on almond-shaped nails.

This is one of the best colors to perfect your acrylic nails for winter.


7. Shady Orange


Shady Orange


This is one of the best nail colors for winter.

If you have fair skin or a redhead, this is a great nail color for you.

You’ll look glammed up whatever you’re wearing.


8. Snow White


Snow White


Have your hands look like you dipped your finger in fresh snow.

These pearly white nails for winter will never go out of style.

The pretty thing about it is how it has a hint of ice blue. Get Snow White Here

This is one of the most versatile nails for winter you’ll ever wear as it goes with almost anything.


9. Holographic Nails


Holographic Nails


Go abstract with your nails for winter ideas with this holographic nail polish.

Your nails will look like they’re wearing jewelry.

It’s a super cute look for your nails at this time of the year.


10. The Red Lady


The Red Lady

Adorn your fingers with different shades of red.

This nail for winter is as festive as it gets without going overboard.

Use a shade of red for each nail for the mysterious, yet glamorous effect.

The collection we featured gives you all the shades you need. The Red Lady


11. Glammed-Up Nudes


Glammed-Up Nudes

Nude nails don’t have to be bland. Spice things up with artistic designs to level up the basics.

This holographic nail foil will do the trick.

Have a professional nail artist do this for you if you’re not confident in your skills.


12. Black French Tips

Black French Tips


This cute nail for winter might seem complicated, but if you have a steady hand and the right tools, you can pull it off yourself.

All you need is a base coat and the black nail polish on the feature.

You can use a stencil or fine line brush to create the effect on the tip. It’s as simple as that.

Will you give it a shot?


13. Amethyst Crystal Nails


Amethyst Crystal Nails


Amethyst is a winter gemstone, and it’s only appropriate if you choose to design your nails as such.

If you want a cute acrylic nail for winter, here’s your chance.

You might need a professional to pull off the organic lines that make it look like you have actual amethyst for nails.


14. Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails


It’s no surprise this nail design for winter has been popular for a while.

It looks like a view of the milky way galaxy from a telescope on your fingers.

If you use the right magnetic, iridescent nail polish, such as the one we’re featuring, you’ll get this magical manicure.


15. Rich and Regal Purple


Rich and Regal Purple


This creamy purple will have you looking like royalty.

This shade is best for short to medium-length nails.

As with all dark color nail polish, you want to start off with a base coat for an even finish.

To extend the wear of this polish, apply the top coat when you notice its shine is fading.


16. Rose Gold Crescent Nails


Rose Gold Crescent Nails


Use this to create a top-of-the-line party look.

Apply the glitter to the base of your nails in the shape of a crescent.

Then cover the rest of your nails in soft neutral colors such as this gray or navy to complete the crescent French tips.


17. Black and Gray Geometry


Black and Gray Geometry

Nail art is not limited to flowers and gemstones, you can play with shapes and lines as well.

Here’s a gel nail design for winter that shows off geometry nail art.

It’s nothing complicated, just a black nail polish as base and this gray that draws a horizontal and vertical line to form a T at the tip of the nails.

Don’t you wish you paid more attention in geometry class?


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Your sense of fashion shouldn’t freeze out in the cold.

You can still glow with style this season with our cute nails for winter.

Wear them to work, party, or just a day out and you’ll ooze elegance amid the cold weather.

End your year in style by switching between our collection of pretty nails for winter.

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