17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer

Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts. Cape Cop is one of New England’s top beach destinations, but this isn’t the only thing special about Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of things to do in Cape Cod; to give you an idea of what to look forward to.


17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer




17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


1. Check Out the Sandwich Glass Museum


The Sandwich Glass Museum


The Sandwich Glass Museum is definitely one of the top places to visit on Cape Cod. 

The museum features a wide variety of rare glass. Yes, glass. 

If you were hoping this was a Museum of sandwiches, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

Sandwich is the oldest town in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with a glass history that dates back to 1825. 

Its glass history begins with the establishment of Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory.

The museum collects, preserves, and interprets the history of this ancient town through the exhibits of glass. 

The museum also shares the glass-making history of Sandwich by giving interesting glass-making presentations.

You’ll get to watch expert glassmakers do what they do best. 

It is a wholesome experience as you feel the heat, smell the burning of molten glass and watch the glassblower fashion hot glass into beautiful forms and shapes.

This is definitely one of the many Cape Cod activities you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Address- 129 Main St, Sandwich, MA 02563, United States.


2. Visit Martha’s Vineyard


Martha’s Vineyard - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


Martha’s Vineyard is a small island south of Cape Cop, with beautiful lighthouses and lovely towns.

If you like to spend time on the beach, this is a place you want to visit.

The island itself is just about 20 miles long, but it’s still one of Massachusetts’ top attractions.

Martha’s Vineyard is a must-do in Cape Cod, among the many top vacation spots on Cape Cod.

Here, you’ll find world-class restaurants, outdoor recreations, lovely accommodations, and beaches by the mile.

Among many other things.


3. Visit the Cape Cod Museum of Art



Cape Cod Museum of Art


The Cape Cod Museum of Art was founded by a group of local artists in 1981. 

The museum has since then preserved and celebrated the work of local artists. 

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Cape Cod with family.

The museum has got a magnificent collection of art and diverse programming. 

It serves both as a form of entertainment and education for visitors. 

Go with your family to see some of Cape Cod’s finest works of art.

The museum is situated around a beautiful sculpture garden with seven unique gardens, a film screening room, and gift shops. 

The exhibits of the museum are constantly changing, so every visit is a unique one.

This is definitely one of the top things to do in Cape Cod.

  • Address- 60 Hope Ln, Dennis, MA 02638, United States.


4. Visit the Hoxie House


Hoxie House - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


Built in 1675, the Hoxie House is one of the oldest houses in all of Cape Cod. 

And of course, it is located in the oldest town in Massachusetts. Sandwich.

This 17th-century saltbox house is a representation of what life used to be in the town of Sandwich during the 1700s. 

Visit the Hoxie House to go back in time and experience a simpler way of life.

The house had no electricity, heat, or running water until the early 1950s.

Now the house has been fitted with these modern amenities without changing the vintage essence that it represents. 

It is one of the top Cape Cod attractions.

  • Address- 18 Water St, Sandwich, MA 02563, United States.


5. Pay a Visit to Commercial Street


Commercial Street


One of the many Cape Cod attractions you don’t want to miss is Commercial Street. 

Commercial Street is located in the province town section of Cape Cop. 

Commercial street is filled with a lot of fun activities, lovely restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and a lot more. 

This is the Downtown area of Cape Cod.

This is one of the many things to do in Cape Cod with family. 

If you are hoping to go shopping or find unique items, Commercial Street is the place to be. 

They’ve got specialty food stores, sweets shops, home décor shops, sports stores, clothing retailers, and even pet shops.

On Commercial Street, you’ll also find museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks. 

There are activities for everyone and you get to leave with tons of souvenirs.

  • Address- Province town, MA 02657, United States


6. Take a trip to the Nauset Lighthouse


Nauset Lighthouse - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


This beautiful Cape Cod lighthouse stands at about 49 feet tall and was built in the gothic revival style of architecture, giving it its unique appearance. 

The lighthouse was built in 1838 and has been renovated in the recent past.

Free public tours of the lighthouse are available every day. 

During your tour, you’ll learn about the history of the lighthouse and even get to climb to the top of it. 

There’s usually a short wait for the tour because the lighthouse can only accommodate fifteen tourists at a time. 

But the view from the top is definitely worth the wait.

The tours are free but donations are always appreciated.

  • Address- 120 Nauset Light Beach Rd, Eastham, MA 02642, United States 


7. Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch


Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch


If you’ve ever hoped to get closer to some of the most majestic creatures that live in the sea, then this would be a great experience for you. 

One of the coolest things to do in Cape Cod is to go on the Dolphin Fleet Whale watch tour.

The Dolphin Fleet Whale watch, which started as far back as 1975 has been responsible for guiding visitors through open seas with their experienced naturalists and captains. 

The tour is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The whale watching tour generally lasts from around 3-4 hours, in which time, a whale sighting is guaranteed. 

In our experience, the best time to spot whales is between April to October. 

So be sure to plan your visit around this time. 

This could be one of the many fall activities on Cape Cod.

During the tour, your comfort is guaranteed and you will be served beverages, snacks, and cocktails. 

Add this to your list of things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

  • Address- 307 Commercial St #1, Province Town, MA 02657, United States.


8. Visit the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum


John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


This is another fun thing to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

This cultural and historic museum is located in the heart of Cape Cod’s Hyannis and it is definitely one of Massachusetts’s top attractions.

As you have probably deduced from the name, the Museum represents and promotes the legacy of John F. Kennedy and his connections to Cape Cod. 

The museum preserves and documents the events of John F. Kennedy’s life, before and during his presidency.

If you have an interest in historic and cultural events, this should be at the top of your Cape Cod places to visit list.

  • Address- 397 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601. United States


9. Visit the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


By now, it is evident that Cape Cod is packed with Museums and culturally relevant places. 

This is why there are so many things to do in Cape Cod.

This particular museum focuses on the archaeology and natural history of Massachusetts. 

It is located in Brewster, Massachusetts. 

The museum hopes to educate visitors and tourists about the natural environment and wildlife. 

It is an advocate for conservation.

Also has impressive archaeological exhibits, and permanent collections like marine shells, avian skins and eggs, rocks, and fossils among other things. 

You’ll also find learner-centered displays like the “Biomimicry” workshop.

Don’t miss out on this.

  • Address- 869 Main Street/Route 6A, Brewster, MA 02631, United States.


10. Visit the Chatham Orpheum Theatre


Chatham Orpheum Theatre


This is one of the top things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This historic 1915 theatre is open to the public. 

Here, you’ll find new movie releases and some occasional live performances.

If you’re looking for cool stuff to do in Cape Cod with a group of friends, you should add this to your list. 

This theatre has gone from hosting quiet live performances only to hosting blockbusters. 

Now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you’re a lover of the performance arts, this would easily be one of your favorite things to do in Cape Cod.

  • Address- 637 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633, United States


11. Branch at the Highfield Hall and Gardens


Highfield Hall and Gardens - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


This is one of the more serene things to do in Cape Cod. 

The Highfield Hall and Gardens is an 18th-century estate in Cape Cod.

This lovely estate offers garden tours and even hosts events occasionally.

The estate is open to the public from spring to fall every year.

This is a great place to spend time with a significant other. 

The estate is full of historical sights, beautiful garden scenery, and great spots among other things. 

You can’t go wrong with the atmosphere.

You are allowed to even have picnics on property grounds. 

There are beautiful art displays and scenic trails. Walk with your significant other or anyone else through the Beebe Woods. 

This is not a place you want to miss out on.

  • Address- 56 Highfield Dr, Falmouth, MA 02540, United States.


12. Check out the Nickerson State Park


Nickerson State Park


Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Then Nickerson State Park is where you want to be.

This public recreational area is about 1900 acres of beautiful wooded land. 

It is also surrounded by a series of kettle ponds that give the park the perfect scenery. 

The park is equipped for camping, with over 350 campsites just waiting for you to occupy them.

You go from planning day trips from Cape Cod to spending weeks at the Nickerson State Park. 

You’ll be engaged with fun activities like boating, fishing swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.

If you love the outdoors, this should be at the top of your list of things to do in Cape Cod.

  • Address- 3488 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631, United States


13. Take a tour of the Crosby Mansion


Crosby Mansion


The Crosby Mansion was built in 1888. 

A time of grand and meticulous craftsmanship. 

The mansion was built to pay homage to the bride of a wealthy alcohol distiller, Albert Crosby.

He spared no expenses. 

The mansion has 35 rooms with a 60-foot viewing tower, grand entrances, a billiards room, about 15 fireplaces and so much more.

It is open to the public throughout summer when the hosts of the mansion give tours to visitors. 

The majestic Mansion often has many visitors, everybody wants to see just how majestic it is.

It is also available for private rentals, events, and even weddings. 

Yes, you could have a wedding in this majestic mansion.

If you’re ever in Cape Cod during summer, visit the Crosby Mansion.


  • $5 per visitor
  • Address- 163 Crosby Ln, Brewster MA 02631, United States


14. Walk the Cape Cod Rail Trail


Cape Cod Rail Trail


This is one of the more exciting things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Cape Cod rail Trail is a 25+ mile stretch of paved bike paths. 

Made for professional cyclists and fun-seeking amateurs, the Rail Trail is a great way to have some outdoor fun with your family or friends.

The trail is so long that it passes through seven towns on Cape Cod. 

Riding through paved roads and natural attractions like nature parks and water bodies is a memory that will stick with you.

The trail is open to all from dawn to dusk, so you can go whenever you want.

  • Address- MA, United States


15. Visit the Pilgrim Monument


Pilgrim Monument


The Pilgrim Monument commemorates the arrival of the Mayflower pilgrims in the New World. 

The monument was built on the very spot the Mayflower disembarked in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

Here, they spent about 6 weeks exploring Cape Cod before moving on to Plymouth.

The Monument is a 252-foot granite sculpture, and guess what? You’re allowed to climb it. 

The Pilgrim Monument is not just a historically rich site, it is also a fun place to hang out.

  • Address- 1 High Pole Hill Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657, United States


16. Visit the Cape Playhouse


Cape Playhouse - 17 Best Things to Do in Cape Cod Massachusetts this Summer


The Cape Playhouse is a famous Summer theatre in Cape Cod. 

It is ”America’s Most Famous Summer Theatre.” 

This theatre has attracted popular actors like Julie Andrews, Ginger Rogers, and Betty White, among others.

Go catch a show or play at the National Historic Landmark known as the Cape Playhouse. 

Be sure to check their calendar to catch a show.

  • Address- 820 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638, United States


17. Do something Spontaneous

It’s easy to plan trips and activities but some of the best moments are made when you’re not even trying. 

So, be sure to give in to your instincts and have some spontaneous fun. 

There are thousands of things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

What can you do in Cape Cod for a day? Book your ticket now

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