17 Perfect Island Vacation Outfits for Black Women

Island Vacation Outfits: You’ve put in the work and earned a vacation. 

So, you visited an island to have the fun of your life. 

One way to do that is to look trendy. 

If you’re looking for island vacation outfit ideas, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve done our research and put together lovely outfits you can wear to get people gawking at your beauty.

This list contains different black girl vacation outfits you might need. From bikinis to tops, bottoms, footwear, e.t.c. 

That way, you can pick all your beach vacation outfits from this list.

Without further ado, let’s get you dressed up for your island slay.


17 Perfect Island Vacation Outfits for Black Women




17 Perfect Island Vacation Outfits for Black Women


1. 2-Piece Sexy Mesh Outfit


2-Piece Sexy Mesh Outfit


If you have curves like Nicki Minaj, and you look forward to men drooling at you on your vacation, this is an outfit you should rock.

If you’re overly modest and don’t like a lot of attention, we warn you not to try this on an island.

However, if you want to look sexy and won’t tire of hearing it, don’t miss out.

It comes in 8 colors and styles and 4 sizes, from small to extra large. Check here


2. Crisscross Cut Out Bra Top


Crisscross Cut Out Bra Top


You might have arranged a romantic dinner or a cocktail with friends

Whichever it is, this bra top will have you looking eye-watering sexy. 

This will look great on a white palazzo and high heels. 

If you’re not down with the orange, there are 19 other colors to choose from. 

The sizes vary from extra small to large. Check here


3. Orchid Flower Hair Side Comb


Orchid Flower Hair Side Comb


Your tropical vacation outfit is not complete without this.

After you’re dressed up in a pretty dress or bikini, top it with this hairpin.

It’ll instantly make you lovelier as it adds color and personality to your overall appearance. Check here


4. 2-Piece African Metallic Swim Suit


2-Piece African Metallic Swim Suit


Rock this black girl vacation outfit as you represent your heritage vacationing on an island, wherever that is.

This swimsuit is damn attractive with its print and metallic-looking design.

You’ll look like an African goddess as you strut around the sandy beach.

There are 6 colors of the metallic type and 8 other printed designs. Check here


5. Tribal Print One Piece Swim Suit


Tribal Print One Piece Swim Suit


This monokini is made of high-quality material and it’s quite comfortable.

The vibrant color prints look gracious in the sun and will help you stand out.

Slay this outfit with a chocker for a touch of character. Check here


6. Short Flowy Dress


Short Flowy Dress


If you’re not in the mood to show off lots of supple melanin skin, this short dress is a pleasant option.

You can wear it by taking a walk on the beach or just exploring the island.

It’s suitable for any occasion on your trip and you’ll still look gorgeous.

It’s available in 13 colors and patterns and sizes range from extra small to XX-large. Check here


7. 3-Piece Floral Outfit


-Piece Floral Outfit


This is a set of crop tops, shorts, and a long sleeve overall.

The polyester material is soft and comfortable to the touch.

Bohemian leaves printed on it makes this an ideal outfit for a seaside party, cruise, bonfire at the beach, e.t.c.

It’s available in 5 colors and patterns with sizes up to XX-large. Check here


8. Sarong Wrap


Sarong Wrap


This island vacation outfit is a great way to cover up while wearing your sexy bikini or swimsuit.

It won’t take anything away from your looks as it’s beautiful itself.

It’s a soft, comfortable, and lightweight material, you’ll love to wear it.

This sarong comes in a whopping 39 options.

So, you can choose one that matches your style and reps your vibe. Check here


9. Jessica Simpson UV Protective Sunglasses


Jessica Simpson UV Protective Sunglasses


While you’re slaying away, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun.

What better way to do that in style than with these designer sunglasses?

It’s non-polarized with polycarbonate lenses, which makes it impact resistant.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Comes in 4 colors to let you rep your style. Check here


10. Floral Front A Line Beach Dress


Floral Front A Line Beach Dress


This polyester, backless, high waistline, zipper dress is adorable.

It’s suitable for beach parties, cruises, a walk on the beach or just basking in the warm sun.

This little dress is available in 20 patterns and sizes from extra small to XX-large. Check here


11. Beach Wrap Skirt


Beach Wrap Skirt


All my ladies who love to show off their legs, here’s something you’ll love.

Wear this skirt on your bikini and wait for the beach breeze to do its magic.

The skirt will flow effortlessly revealing the smooth skin of your legs.

You can get this in 22 patterns and sizes up to X-large. Check here


12. Printed Beach Tunic Dress


Printed Beach Tunic Dress


If you want to be covered up and still get all the natural beach breeze, this dress will get you that feeling.

Its light and airy material is comfortable and lets in the air.

Pair this island vacation outfit with high heels if you have a beach house party to attend.

Alternatively, you could wear a sandal if you’re just going to take an evening walk by the beach. Check here


13. Floral Cold Shoulder Bohemian Dress


Floral Cold Shoulder Bohemian Dress


This is a typical tropical vacation outfit for plus-size women.

It’s lightweight, free, floral, and elegant.

What more can you ask of an island vacation outfit?

This is the ideal dress for casual parties.

Whatever black girl vacation hairstyle you have on, you can rock it with this dress and look glam.

You can get this in 18 colors and patterns with sizes up to 3X-large. Check here


14. Clark’s Beach Sandal


Clark’s Beach Sandal


Your trip to an island vacation isn’t complete if you don’t take walks by the beach.

This island outfit idea will give you maximum comfort no matter how long you choose to walk.

The cushion soft comfort technology makes your landing as gentle as ever.

The sandal is also lightweight so your feet won’t get sore. Check here


15. Crop Top and Shorts in Boho Style


Crop Top and Shorts in Boho Style


Vacationing on an island does not mean you’ll wear a bikini all the time.

This island vacation outfit is the next best thing if you don’t have to go brief or wear a full-on maxi dress.

This 2-piece is smack dab in the middle.

This pretty little thing is appropriate for parties, cruises, or a casual stroll.

You can get it in 15 different colors and 5 other styles.

It’s also available in sizes up to XX-large. Check here


16. Floral Slit 2-Piece Maxi Dress


Floral Slit 2-Piece Maxi Dress


Stay classy on the beach with this romper.

You’ll make men uncomfortable and other women glare in envy as you sit at the beachside bar. 

Complete this amazing island vacation outfit with a gladiator sandal and a pair of shades. 

You have 26 different patterns of this outfit to choose from. Check here


17. Printed 3-Piece Swim Suit


Printed 3-Piece Swim Suit

This island vacation outfit is made with polyester and spandex, meaning it’s stretchy for maximum comfort.

The set comprises a regular bikini and a halter neck cover.

Don’t worry, the outfit will still show off your curves in their full glory.

Whatever color you want, you’ll surely find it because this beach set is available in 73 colors and patterns.

The sizing goes from extra small all the way to 4X-large.

So, whatever your build, you can still rock these lovelies. Check here



 Best Outfits to Wear on Tropical Vacation for Black Women



It’s a lovely experience to go on a vacation on an island.

One of the highlights for women is to be the center of complimentary attraction.

The best way to get that is to look stunning.

With this list of island vacation outfits, you’ll surely get lots of attention.

These island outfit ideas are in vogue and downright beautiful.

Not only will you appear your best, but people will also perceive you as a bougie.

You’ll surely make lots of friends and admirers that will like these island vacation outfits

Now that’s a successful vacation.

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