20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget – Patio Makeover You Can Try

Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget: You don’t need to live in a mansion to enjoy a luxurious home. 

Sprucing up the space you have can give you that. 

Outdoor design is as important as interior decoration for turning your home into a palace. 

The great part is that you don’t even need to splurge. 

Keep reading our back deck decorating ideas to see how you can achieve this.

Whether you’re planning to sell your house soon or you want to stay there another 20 years, this inexpensive upgrade will add value to your home. 

Your patio is a nice part of the house to give a makeover that’ll make your neighbors envy. 

Hopefully, you enjoy having people around, because you’ll be getting a lot of self-invites.



20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget – Patio Makeover

1. Go Green for Patio Makeover


Go Green - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


Plants can never go wrong with exterior decoration. 

Planting greenery or ornamental flowers will add some lush to your patio. 

Use décor-like planting pots or wicker planters to give a natural look to the space.


2. Add Some Shades Patio Makeover


Add Some Shades


Shading your patio gives you an area in your home to get fresh air and enjoy a serene environment. 

If you’d like to spend time on your patio at night, get an umbrella with a net

Build a pergola to allow light onto your patio while protecting you from the heat of the sun. 

If you don’t have the budget for that, a patio umbrella will do. 

This covered deck decorating idea will have you feel at home anywhere on your property?


3. Use Furniture Patio Makeover


Use Furniture - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


There’s no point decorating your back deck if you won’t be spending time there. 

Since you’ll be, it makes sense to add some furniture you can relax there on. 

There are tons of budget-friendly patio furniture you can invest in and host friends and family.


4. Throw in a Rug Patio Makeover


Throw in a Rug


Depending on the theme of your patio, you can go for a plain or patterned design.

If you like colors like us, choose a colorful one.

An area rug adds an edge of aesthetics to your patio and makes it an even more appealing place to chill.

Rugs range in price. So, let your budget and needs determine which you go for.


5. Throw Pillows Patio Makeover


Throw Pillows - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


Add an extra layer of comfort to your patio with velvety pillows.

After getting shade and furniture, throw pillows complement the setting.

Now that you have a place of convenience in your home, you don’t need to stay indoors for a lack of an outdoor alcove.


6. Make Your Patio a Party Spot


Make Your Patio a Party Spot


You don’t always need to host your friend and family indoors.

Since you’ve set up a nice patio, why not bring your barbecue set up there?

The kitchen is probably a door away, so getting things out won’t be a hassle.

Partying under the starry skies of Summer will create memories worth sharing.


7. Add Some Wall Decorations


Add Some Wall Decorations


Decorating your back deck isn’t much different from interior design. 

The aim is to make the space alluring. 

Achieve this with wall accessories. 

No one says they’re meant for indoors only. 

There are many different wall pieces of furniture you can adorn your patio with. 

This metal wall decoration will add some spark to your patio.


8. Light and Art Patio Makeover


Light and Art - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


Beautifying your porch does not necessarily have rules. 

It’s yours and you can set it up however you want. 

Whatever style you’re into, you can’t go wrong with art and lighting. 

Any space will look better with some light decoration. 

This solar lantern in a metal artistic cover will shower your back deck with patterned lights.


9. Lantern-Style Porch Lights


Lantern-Style Porch Lights


When it comes to deck decorating ideas with light, this is a popular go-to.

Some people already have this type of light on their patio even if they didn’t intend to upgrade it.

It’s almost the default style of lighting; that’s how appropriate it is.

They’re quite inexpensive too, and we recommend you go for the ones you can use LED lights with for energy efficiency.


10. Outdoor Table Patio Makeover


Outdoor Table - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


As a coffee table is useful indoors, so can it be outdoors. 

Having a table along with the chairs on a back deck completes the setting.

Now you can sit back and rest your leg as you relax in the comfort of your home. 

Getting a functional table is even better. 

This one lets you ice your drinks in it while you use the top as a table. 

A bang for your buck, no?


11. Paint the Floor Patio Makeover


Paint the Floor - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


We suggested a rug earlier, which is a fun small deck decorating idea.

Understandably, the elements can be a deterrent to the idea of having a rug outdoor.

So, if you don’t want to get a rug, how about painting one?

Yes, paint a rug on the floor!

If you have a pattern you’d like, here’s your chance to bring it to life.

Give this back deck decorating idea a try, you’d love the outcome, we promise.


12. Make a Deck Bar Patio Makeover


Make a Deck Bar


This is a cool thing you’re your deck to make it multi-functional.

You can make the bar a flip-up if you live in an urban area with little space.

Get some high stools to go with it.

It’s a fun experience having drinks on warm summer nights.


13. Get String Lights Patio Makeover


Get String Lights - 20 Back Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget - Patio Makeover


Light up your patio with this back deck decorating idea.

No matter the setting of your back deck, some lights will surely bring it alive.

Make your space look festive every time of the year.

This feature light is waterproof and shatterproof, so it’s safe to leave it out even in the rain.

You can dim it too.

That way, you can lighten up during the day, and warm up during the night.


14. Power Wash Old Deck Furniture


Power Wash Old Deck Furniture


You might think this is just routine maintenance.

Try it and see how much difference it’ll make.

They’ll turn out brighter-looking like new and add some sparkle to your back deck.

Try it on wooden furniture and the floor.

You can also change the covering on cushions and pillows.

This alone will bring freshness to your space.


15. Add a Storage Bench Patio Makeover


Add a Storage Bench


You’ll need something to sit on and store away some of your patio items.

What if both are the same thing? 

This rattan bench fits that description perfectly. 

To make the bench stand out, even more, add some boho-style throw pillows to it.


16. Get an Artistic Patio Makeover


Get Artistic


If you’re confident in your creative or artistic prowess, this deck decorating idea might not cost you a dime.

If you have some craftwork tools at home, you can paint colorful patterns on wooden deck furniture or even the floor.

Not only will it look great, but you’ll be proud of your handiwork.


17. Get an Outdoor Screen Patio Makeover


Get an Outdoor Screen


How about pulling off a little outdoor cinema.

It’s always a great idea to watch movies under a starry night sky.

Believe us, we’ve done it several times before.

You don’t need to bring your TV out, a projector and a screen fabric will do.

Your neighbors will like you some more if it turns out to be a movie they like.


18. Start a Small Garden Patio Makeover


Start a Small a Garden


Using décor planters is one thing, planting a collection of beautiful flowers is another. 

You don’t even need a lot of space to do this. 

You can use wall planters, and hanging planters, or take advantage of vertical space

A cluster of plants is a new level of space adornment.


19. Install Interlocking Floor


Install Interlocking Floor


If you have a bare floor in the back, you might not need to incur the cost of making a wooden deck. 

Simply buy some interlock flooring. 

There are many designs to choose from, but this wooden one will convince anyone.


20. Get a Fountain Patio Makeover


Get a Fountain


Before you roll your eyes, it won’t cost an arm or leg.

There are many water fountains out there you can use to beautify your back deck.

You can even get one off Amazon.

This one mimics a natural one you might find in a Buddhist temple.

What makes it stand out is the LED lights that glow at night.



There you have it, a long list of back deck decorating ideas to upgrade your home.

Whatever your budget, you’ll find a few ideas you can use.

There’s literally no excuse for you not to freshen up your patio if you truly want to.

Let your desires guide you and watch your neighbors copy your style.

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