21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer

Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party: So, you have a 90s-themed party and you’re looking to turn heads and marvel at the crowd.

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll avail you of 90s party outfits for black girls you can choose from.

These options are easy to wear and are quite affordable.

Some stores specialize in stocking retro outfits or you can get them online too.

Take a peek at thrift stores as well. Let our list of 90s party outfits for black girl ideas inspire your choice.

We hope you’ll find something to make Aaliyah proud.


21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer



21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


1. Cartoon Print Jumpsuit


Cartoon Print Jumpsuit -21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


You’ll instantly look the part at any 90s party in this one.

This is a 90s hip hop female fashion TLC would have worn.

Your build wouldn’t matter because this is available in sizes up to 3X-large. Buy Here


2. Women’s Faux Leather Biker’s Jacket


Women’s Faux Leather Biker’s Jacket- 21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


Your memory of the 90s won’t be complete without leather jackets. Spin up your 90s-inspired black fashion with this jacket.

Whether you wear it over a short, flared skirt or a pair of jeans, the jacket itself screams 90s. Buy Here


3. Two-Piece Argyle Print Skirt Set


Two-Piece Argyle Print Skirt Set


This is one 90 style that’s still relevant today.

So, you might not get the retro effect if you’re that young.

However, this short skirt and sleeveless top still fit into this category. Buy Here


4. 3D Print Baggy Joggers


3D Print Baggy Joggers - 21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


90s fashion was one of colors and oversized outfits.

This 90s outfit for black girls combines these two so you’ll certainly look old skool rocking it.

There are 35 fresh prints to choose from. Buy Here


5. Graphic Print Short Sleeve Crop Top


Graphic Print Short Sleeve Crop Top- 21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


Crop tops are so 90s, but you won’t know unless you were rocking them too back then.

It’s one of those fashion pieces that have stayed trendy across generations.

A crop top with graphics on it is a 90s-inspired black fashion piece.

This one is available in 31 options. Buy Here


6. Plaid High Waist Skinny


6. Plaid High Waist Skinny


This will look great on anyone and are easy to wear.

There are tons of options of what you can combine this pair of pants with.

From a body-hugging tee to a baggy one, a jacket, a crop top, you name it.

Wear this to a 90s party with a converse sneaker and you’d be lit. Buy Here


7. A-Line Pinafore Corduroy


A-Line Pinafore Corduroy


Whether you’re going to a party or just for a jolly walk, this outfit will suit you nicely.

You can wear a baggy t-shirt underneath to go all the way into the 90s and look like one of the hip-hop stars of that age. Buy Here


8. Pullover Hoodie Jumpsuit Windbreaker


Pullover Hoodie Jumpsuit Windbreaker - 21 Cute 90s Outfit for Black Girls to Party This Summer


Bright colors and windbreakers were the clothes of the streets in the 90s.

Rock this to a party and they’ll instantly understand what you represent.

Outfits like this won’t be hard to spot if you watch a music video in the 90s.

If you’re not into this color, there are 17 others to choose from. Buy Here


9. Women’s Vintage Denim Shortalls


Women’s Vintage Denim Shortalls


These are overalls in shorts, hence the name “shortalls”.

Quite cheeky, don’t you agree? Nothing oozes the 90s more than these.

It’s super cool to grace a party in these and an afro wig.

You’ll so look in place in a 90s theme party. Buy Here


10. Chunky Heeled Platform Sandals


Chunky Heeled Platform Sandals


Believe it or not, these were super sexy back in the day.

They gave girls a platform to strut and sashay.

If you don’t believe it, take a look at some 90s sitcoms and watch celebrities rock these sandals. Buy Here


11. Wedge Sandal


Wedge Sandal


This slide sandal is typical of the 90s.

There was hardly any lady that didn’t wear these.

You might not want to wear it nowadays but if you need a 90s outfit for a party, this is something to go for.

Moreover, this is a nice slide whether retro or not. Buy Here


12. Wide Leg Mom Jeans


Wide Leg Mom Jean


Even though we called them “mom jeans” now, it was the fashionistas that wore them back in the 90s.

That’s how sexy and trendy they were.

You can complete the outfit with a retro top if you want to go all out or blend it with something more recent for a 90s black girl aesthetics. Buy Here


13. Skechers Roadies Sneaker


Skechers Roadies Sneaker


Show some class while you catwalk in comfort.

This retro sneaker will stand out no matter what you wear it with.

It’ll perfectly complement your outfit whether it’s a skirt or trousers. Buy Here


14. V Neck Floral Print Spaghetti Strap Dress


V Neck Floral Print Spaghetti Strap Dress


Here’s another 90s party outfit for black girls that won’t look retro because it has made it across generations.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear it to a 90s-themed party though.

Those who know fashion are aware that this dress is from the 90s and is suitable. Buy Here


15. PU Leather Beret Cap


PU Leather Beret Cap


This still looks awesome for today’s fashion.

The eight-panel cap is stylish and functional wear that’ll protect your face from the sun and reflect your elegance at the same time.

There are 5 colors available. Buy Here


16. Fanny Packs


Fanny Packs


This list wouldn’t be complete without this item.

And yes, it was part of fashion in the 90s.

You’ll wear it like an accessory and it was a big trend back then.

Wearing this on your party outfit will have a few people giggle with nostalgia. Buy Here


17. Chokers




This is still popular in the Gothic fashion world.

In case you don’t know, chokers were once a wildly trendy fashion accessory.

So, don’t skip this 90s black girl party outfit. Buy Here


18. Puka Shell Necklace


Puka Shell Necklace


This item was popular among men and women both.

It works with most outfits but people weren’t wearing them for the outfit.

It was something you wear to be among the cool crowd.

Revive that coolness with this necklace at your next party. Buy Here


19. Mini Butterfly Hair Clips


Mini Butterfly Hair Clips


Anything you wear can be trendy back in the 90s, and boy was these hair clips a thing.

Your black girl hairstyle wasn’t complete in the 90s if you don’t inculcate these.

So, complete your 90s black girl party outfit with these hair clips. Buy Here


20. Bling Mini Backpack


Bling Mini Backpack


I’ve once seen Left-Eye of the TLC girl RnB group carry this bag.

That should give you an idea of how it was back then.

Girls will rather carry their books in their hands just so they can carry this bag to school.

You’ll get a lot of attention showing up at a 90s party with this backpack. Buy Here


21. Retro Petals Sunglasses


Retro Petals Sunglasses


These shades remind me of LL

Cool J. He rocked them in some of his music videos.

That rap legend surely influenced fashion back then.

The non-polarized lenses protect your eyes from UV rays. Buy Here



21 Stylish Black girls outfits Ideas


It was nostalgic researching and writing this list.

Lots of memories of those good old times kept flashing back.

We can only replay memories and mimic their style now with these 90s black girl party outfits.

Whether it’s a theme party or you just want to go retro for your next outing, these fashion items will surely do the trick.

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