23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas: Education is the bedrock of any successful society.

There won’t be education if there weren’t teachers.

Even though this prestigious profession is thankless, you can play your part by thanking your teachers for all they’ve done.

One cute way to do that is by giving teacher appreciation cookies.

You can bake on behalf of your kids to let their teachers know their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

You don’t have to wait for national teacher’s day or teacher’s appreciation day.

Gift them with these yummy delights anytime to put a smile on their faces.


23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts



23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


1. Spectacles




Show teachers, that they’re spectacular by baking cookies in the shape of their eyeglasses.

I would be pleased if you customized the cookies for them and not just a batch you made for many teachers.


2. Cute Little Apples



Cute Little Apples - 23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


Go beyond convention with these teacher appreciation cookies.

Make them in the shape of apples.

Don’t stop there, paint them red too.

If you’re feeling artistic, highlight the stalk, leaf, and a little white on the side as a reflection.

That’s not all; insert sticks into the cookies as holders.

Just hope your kids won’t finish them before delivering.


3. Letters and a Note


Letters and a Note


It’s only proper that you theme a teacher appreciation cookie as such.

Make cookies in the letters of the alphabet.

Add one in the shape of a note that says “Thank you”.

This will make the gesture seem even more thought out.


4. Teacher Acronym


Teacher Acronym - 23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


Craft a cookie as a slate, by all means, decorate it as you wish.

Then write a full teacher acronym on it.

Let’s give you a nudge:







R – Remarkable.

Switch the word to something more applicable.


5. Apple Cupcakes


Apple Cupcakes - 23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


Remember the apple cookies with sticks above?

You can present it in cupcake versions.

You’ll make the cookies the same way, however, fill cake cups with 20-second icing and top it with the apple cookie.


6. Class Lessons


Class Lessons


If the teacher handles little kids, you can make teacher appreciation week cookie ideas to look like what she teaches.

In this case, fashion cookies into miniature boards with A for Apple, B for books, e.t.c.

Let your creative juices flow here.


7. Cookies and Tie a Ribbon


cookies and tie a ribbon - 23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


You don’t need tons of different special cookie cutters.

Simply use the ones you can easily get and make multiples of it.

Fill a glass jar with the cookies and tie a ribbon around it.

This is will make for a lovely teacher appreciation cookie they’ll love.


8. Customized Cookies


Customized Cookies


To truly show you care, make teacher appreciation cookies with the name of the teacher on them and how they made the school year remarkable.

Don’t be surprised if the teacher refuses to eat the cookie and stores it as a trophy instead.


9. Loads of Minis


Loads of Minis


Make a collection of mini cookies in the shape of the things the teacher identifies within the school.

Pencils, crayons, ABC boards, or words they use often.

They’ll be glad to share it with their students and laugh about memories.


10. Go Regular


Go Regular


If you don’t want to go fancy for teacher appreciation cookies, simply make your regular delicious cookies.

Package it in an attractive wrap with a customized note to the teacher.


11. Banquet of Cookies


Banquet of Cookies


Make cookies in the shape and color of blossoming flowers.

Fold green papers and place the cookies in them to look like a banquet.

This is an adorable teacher appreciation cookie idea and it’ll sure please whomever you present it to.


12. Class Board


Class Board


Bake a basic rectangle cookie and design it like the board in the class.

Depending on what time of the school year.

The message on the board can read “Welcome Back”, “Happy Holidays”, or simply “Thank you, Mr/Mrs…”


13. School Paraphernalia


School Paraphernalia


Make teacher appreciation cookies in the shape of Lockers, school bags, a cup of pencils and rulers, etc.


14. Globe Cookies


Globe Cookies


If your teacher takes you geography, this teacher appreciation cookie is smack dab appropriate.

Make cookies in the shape of a globe or a world map.

They’ll appreciate for your attention to their specialization.

If the teacher is a perfectionist, they might scrutinize the accuracy of your map, though.


15. Math Cookie


Math Cookie - 23 Teacher Appreciation Cookie Ideas and Other Gifts


This teacher appreciation cookie will put a smile on your teacher’s face.

Make cookies in the form of small slabs and do some basic additions and subtractions on them.

This will mimic what your kid is learning in school.

To make it fun, have your child give you answers to the math questions.


16. Teacher and Student

If you’re certain of your artistic prowess, this teacher appreciation cookie idea will test your skills.

Make a cookie of a teacher and student in front of the class board.

To make it even better, try making the teacher look like the real person.


17. Sunflower Cookies


Sunflower Cookies


Make cookies in the shape of sunflowers and stick a little note of what you appreciate about your teacher in the middle of it.

To make it into a gift, insert a holding stick into them and wrap each cookie with plastic.

Then put them, stick them first into a mug and tie a ribbon to the handle.


18. A Package of Appreciation


A Package of Appreciation


This is not exactly a teacher appreciation week cookie idea, but it’s applicable.

When you’ve made nice cookies.

Package them in a box with an artistic note expressing your appreciation.

You could even make a miniature drawing of your kid on the note.


19. Colorful Letters

These teacher appreciation cookies involve making cookies with each letter of the alphabet on them.

Make each cookie a white background with tiny blue dots on its boundaries.

Then the alphabet should be indifferent primary colors.


20. A Budding Plant

This is a symbolic teacher appreciation gift.

Plant a flower from seed and at the first bloom, gift it to your teacher with a stylized printed note saying “Thank you for helping me GROW”.


21. Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes


Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes


This is a delicious cake designed to look like sundaes.

It’s an outstanding teacher appreciation cake idea.

Package it with a nice teacher appreciation printable.


22. Treat Jar

This one won’t involve you baking anything.

You can buy a treat jar and stick a “Teacher’s Treat” designed sticker on the lid.

To make it extra valuable, buy healthy treats.


23. Amazon Gift Card

This is not a cookie idea, but it certainly passes for a teacher appreciation gift.

Who knows, your teacher just might buy a bunch of cookies with it (LOL).

You won’t just stop at the gift card; the presentation does the magic.

Download this Amazon gift card printable and attach the actual gift card to it.

The message says “You’re such an Amazing (with the Amazon typeface) teacher…”



That’s it! All the teacher appreciation cookies and gift ideas you need to celebrate your teacher, past, and present.

You can bake this or order it.

Whichever way you go about it will put a smile on a teacher’s face.

Appreciate these crucial people in our society today.


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