30 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for This Season

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments – It’s almost time to start decorating your Christmas tree. Perhaps some ornaments on it are old and store-bought that need changing.

This year’s Christmas is extra special as most of us missed the festivities last year. Make this one memorable with the extra specials.

What better way to do that than using DIY Christmas ornaments this year.

You can make it a fun family activity by getting everyone involved. Each member can create their own homemade Christmas decoration.

You can make it more meaningful by having everyone tell the story behind their design. That’ll make your fir a tree full of memories.

If you need inspiration for your DIY Christmas craft, we’re here to offer it.

A lot of our options are easy to make and require materials you probably already have at home. That said, let’s get on with things.



30 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for This Season

1. Vintage Paper Christmas Ornaments

How many of your shiny Brites have come crashing down the tree?

That won’t happen with these shatter-proof ornaments. All you’ll need are cardboards, craft knives, punches, glue, and whatever else you want to get creative with.

You can find templates to trace on your cardboards, then design as you desire from Good Housekeeping.




Vintage Paper Christmas Ornaments -30 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for This Season


2. Mini Bell Christmas Ornaments

These DIY Christmas ornaments are easy to pull off. They’ll look good if you drape them on your front door or just hand them on the Christmas tree.

You’ll find how to make them here along with where you can get the molds you’ll need.


 Mini Bell Christmas Ornaments -30 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for This Season



3. Paper Candle Christmas Ornaments

Of course, you can’t use normal candles for this. That’s why we’re using the paper kind to add elegance to your Christmas tree.

Give them a try. They’re simply adorable. You’ll find a detailed tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


4. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

These are great handmade Christmas ornaments your kids will love to make.

All they need are big and small popsicle sticks, embroidery thread, and some paint.


Here’s how to make them:

Paint popsicle sticks white and let them dry. Glue matching sizes in an X-shape.

After they dry, arrange one small X diagonally on top of a big X and glue it in the middle to create a snowflake.

Weave colored embroidery thread around the popsicle sticks to create a grid pattern.

Tie the thread at the back of the snowflake and trim off the excess. Glue a ribbon loop to the back of the snowflake to hang it.


5. Painted Copper Foil Ornaments

With papier mâché, foil, and some copper, you can make these small colorful ornaments that’ll make your tree pop.

Get the details on how to make these ornaments on Design Improvised.


6. Colorful Rhinestone Christmas Ornaments

Turn clear plastic baubles into beautiful ornaments that throw a dash of colors on your Christmas tree.

You only need to attach colored rhinestones and ribbons to make these. Find out how on White House Crafts.





7. Balloon Dipped Ornaments

It only takes minutes to create one of these things.

The best part is that your kids can make them, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

They’ll be proud to tell guests they made those ornaments. You can learn to make them on Club Crafted.


8. Gradient Christmas Ornaments

Turn a regular bauble into a classy design with gradient colors using spray paint.

Since solid colors are popular for baubles, this style will surely get some attention with its creativity.

Learn how to do it here.


9. Iridescent Gold Splatter

Break bauble convention by adding a splash of gold on solid colors when painting the baubles.

The fold will catch light and give off brilliant sparkles. A Kailo Chic Life will teach you how to pull this off.


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10. Rudolph Christmas Ornaments

Rudolph is cute, and ornaments themed after he seems even cuter.

The paper horn and foam nose make this ornament a tad lovelier.

Studio DIY has a tutorial to help you make this.


11. Bejeweled  Christmas Ornaments

It’s time to let out the Faberge in you. With this DIY Christmas ornament, you’ll be turning a regular bauble into a prized jewel with rhinestones.

So, get some colorful rhinestones and hot glue and create lovely bejeweled baubles to hand on your tree.


12. Gold Marbled Christmas Ornaments

Turn your solid-colored bauble into marbles by patterning them with gold to make your Christmas tree sophisticated.

Learn how to do this at Lovely Indeed.


Gold Marbled Christmas Ornaments


13. Sprinkles Christmas Ornament

If you have sprinkles at home, it’s time to put them to good use.

Fill clear baubles with sprinkles and hang them on your tree to turn it into a candy-bearing tree.

Gimme Some Oven has a tutorial to guide you through the details.


14. Star Christmas  Christmas Ornament

The look of this might intimidate you, but don’t bother. It doesn’t take too much to pull off this DIY tree topper.

However, when you do, you’ll be proud of yourself and your tree will instantly look better.

You can find the tutorial and all you need on Woman’s Day.



15. 3D Paper  Christmas Snowman

This DIY Christmas ornament will be fun to make with the kids. The finished product is quite cute.

Your little ones might want to make extra to keep in their rooms.

They’ll look nice, adding some contrast to your Christmas tree. Find the tutorial on White House Crafts.





16. Cross Stitch  Christmas Ornament

If you’re learning to stitch, this is the perfect project to hone your skills.

It looks beautifully handmade and will sit pretty on your tree.

By next Christmas, you’ll be telling stories of how you made this ornament as a rookie. Find the tutorial at Country Living.


17. Mason Jar Lid  Christmas Wreath

Not everything you don’t use anymore belongs to the trash.

This DIY Christmas ornament comes from upscaling the lid of an old mason jar.

This cute mini wreath will look good on any Christmas tree. You’ll find the tutorial here.


18. Matchstick Star Christmas Ornament

Put matches to other uses aside from starting a fire.

You only need glue and matchsticks and let your imagination guide you into creating geometric shapes that’ll stand out on your Christmas tree.


19. Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

Use wooden beads and twine to create snowflake ornaments to bring a rustic design to your Christmas tree.

This DIY Christmas ornament is easy to make with Alice & Lois’ tutorial.


20. Antler Wood Slice Ornament

Antlers are a symbol of Christmas. Etching it on a piece of wood brings on the flair of the season.

That’s what this DIY Christmas ornament is about.

Get some wood slices from your local craft store along with a wood-burning tool.

Use a template to burn antlers on the wood and hang it on your tree.

You’ll find a detailed tutorial on Cherished Bliss.


21. Clay Rainbow Christmas Ornaments

Help your children bring out the Picasso in them with this fun DIY Christmas ornament.

They’ll paint the rainbow pattern on semi-circle clays to add some color to your Christmas tree.

It doesn’t even matter if they don’t follow through with the pattern.

The aim is for them to have fun and create something beautiful. Find the tutorial at Alice and Lois.



Clay Rainbow Christmas Ornaments



22. Mini Snow Globe Ornaments

All you need for this DIY Christmas ornament are clear plastic light bulb ornaments and mini brush trees.

The mini snow globes will take your tree to the next level. No Biggie has the tutorial for this one.


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23. Celestial Sparkle

This make-believe DIY glitter ornament can pass for a tree topper; it’s that shiny.

Cover the ornament with spray paint and glitter, and no one will suspect the spikes are just toothpicks.

Now that you know, it won’t be hard for you to replicate this.

24. Cinnamon Scented Ornaments

This DIY Christmas ornament does not just look good, it smells as such too.

Hang this Christmas tree-shaped ornament on your tree to have your home smell like Christmas.

Learn how to craft this ornament at The Frugal Homemaker.


25. Sugar Cookie Christmas Ornaments

It’s okay if you’re tempted to take a bite while baking and icing these cookies turned ornaments.

When you’re done, remember to hang them high on the tree if you have toddlers or pets around.

You’ll find the recipe on Sugar Cookie Ornaments.


26. Stick Sled Christmas Ornaments

Your Christmas tree will look like a winter wonderland with these stick sled ornaments on it.

Attach some mini baubles on them to make the sleds look even lovelier.

The tutorial to make these mini sleds is on Clean and Scentsible.



27. Christmas Sweater Christmas Ornaments

These miniature sweaters look great on their tiny hangers.

They’ll look like tiny gnomes washed and dried their sweaters on your Christmas tree when you hang.

These cute little ornaments are courtesy of Amanda.


28. Festive Christmas Lattice Ornament

Take a cue from your holiday pie and add the lattice design to this cute mini embroidery ornament.


Festive Christmas Lattice Ornament


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29. Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments

Jingle your way into Christmas with this DIY Christmas ornament.

All you need are bells and silver pipe cleaners.

The tutorial for this awesome craft is on The Girl Creative.


30. Molded Bird Seed  Christmas Ornament

If you have an outdoor Christmas tree, this is a nice ornament to hang on it.

Expect blue jays and goldfinches to come swirling around it. Learn how to make this ornament here.



Style up your decorations with these DIY Christmas ornaments to make your fir pop.

Choose multiple options to go with and show off varieties of your handmade Christmas crafts.

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