9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat & Double Chin

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises: Anti-aging facial exercises are a great way to ensure an all-inclusive workout for you to look great and feel physically fit. 

If you are dedicated to being physically fit, then paying attention to your face will also go a long way. 

Anti-aging facial exercises help one to lose face fat, get rid of a double chin, boost one’s confidence, e.t.c. 

There are special anti-aging facial exercises that can help you tone your face, as well as lose neck fat.

Anti-aging facial exercises are also known as face yoga, and doing anti-aging facial exercises is a great substitute for anti-aging creams, chemical procedures, surgeries, e.t.c. 

What’s more is that anti-aging facial exercises are free, and can be done at your convenience several times a day. 

With anti-aging facial exercises, you can rest assured that sagging skin and wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging, can be put off for longer.

Why are anti-aging facial exercises so great? 

Well, they help tone facial muscles and keep you looking and feeling more youthful, among a whole lot of other benefits.

Keep reading to know what anti-aging facial exercises are, the best ones for you, and some routines you can do whenever you can.



How Do Anti-Aging Facial Exercises Work?

The human body is made up of a ton of muscles attached to bones and joints, except the muscles in the face.

The muscles in your face are attached directly to the skin, and that’s how we’re able to form different expressions with our faces.

The repeated formation of these emotions, however good or bad they are, can lead to wrinkles being formed.

While there is a lesser chance of developing wrinkles when you refrain from making facial expressions, there are other ways to keep your skin toned and taut.

Anti-aging facial exercises can help with that.

Why are anti-aging facial exercises so great?

If you do them every day or at least six times a week, you’re sure to see results.

Anti-aging facial exercises are so great because:

  •   They help keep the facial muscles and those in the neck and chin toned,
  •  if done correctly, anti-aging facial exercises target the muscles in the scalp and the face, encourage the secretion of elastin and collagen, both of which help to keep the skin supple,
  •  anti-aging facial exercises help to increase the circulation of blood around the face,
  •  these target exercises help to remove toxins from the face, neck, and chin through healthy circulation, e.t.c.

9 Anti-Aging Facial Exercises To Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin

These anti-aging facial exercises are great facial exercises for sagging skin.

They are great for keeping sagging and wrinkled skin at bay for as long as possible.

While there are tons of anti-aging facial exercises out there, these ones are great for working the muscle groups in the face, neck, and chin.

1. The Giraffe Face Stretch


The Giraffe Face Stretch - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


This exercise targets the facial muscles, as well as the muscles in the chin and neck.

Here’s how it’s done:

  •   getting into a comfortable position, tilt your head up till it touches the back of your neck,
  •   with your neck stretched, push your tongue till it is flat against the roof of your mouth,
  •   using your two index fingers, slightly tug on the skin of your neck in a downward motion,
  •   hold this position for about 20 seconds, then go back to the starting position and try again

2. The Funny Fish Face


The Funny Fish Face - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


As funny as this anti-aging facial exercise sounds, it is effective for toning the muscles in the face, chin, and neck.

To do this exercise,

  •   get into a comfortable position and relax your face,
  •   suck your cheeks in till they are held between your upper and lower teeth,
  •   hold the pose for 10 seconds, then release and try again,
  •   repeat this exercise about 8 – 10 more times.

3. The Tongue Twirls Facial Exercises


The Tongue Twirl -9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


This simple exercise is great for targeting the specific muscle groups we want to work on, namely the face, chin, and neck muscles, and here’s how it’s done:

  •   with your face as relaxed as possible, keep your teeth clamped lightly together,
  •   twirl your tongue back and forth and around in your mouth,
  •   make about 10 twirls with your tongue, take a break, and continue.
  • Do this exercise about 8 – 10 times each day.

4. The Chipmunk Face 


The Chipmunk Face - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


This anti-aging facial exercise can be done wherever you are, at your convenience, and as many times as possible.

This exercise, when done correctly and consistently, can help restore the toned nature and elasticity of the skin around the face, chin, and neck.

Here’s how to do the chipmunk face:

  •   get in a comfortable position and inhale deeply,
  •   hold the air inside your mouth and puff out your cheeks like a chipmunk,
  •   hold this position for 10 – 15 minutes, then let the air out slowly through your mouth,
  •   take a 5-second break and repeat the exercise about 8 – 10 more times.

5. The Vowels Stretch


The Vowels Stretch - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


Whether or not you’ve already started to experience signs of aging (namely wrinkled skin, crow’s feet, or saggy skin), this anti-aging facial exercise can help you restore that youthful elasticity.

This exercise takes you back to the basics of kindergarten, helping you tackle the problem at a basic level!

Here’s how to do it:

6. The Face Massage to Lose Face Fat 


The Face Massage - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


The muscles in the jaw can also get affected by the effects of aging, whether premature or not.

The face massage is one of the best jawline exercises out there, and it has worked wonders for countless people.

Without having to resort to botox, injections, or other surgical procedures that may be invasive, you can opt for performing this anti-aging facial exercise.

It is simple, can be done at your convenience, and it can be done as many times as possible.

To do this jawline massage,

  • get into a comfortable sitting position and jut your chin out slightly,
  • on both your hands, hold your index and middle fingers in the shape of an upside-down “V” on either side of your face,
  • slowly move your fingers down firmly, beginning from your neck to your chin, making sure to keep your jawline between your fingers,
  • you can apply some moisturizing cream onto your hands to reduce friction and possible abrasion,
  • repeat this exercise 6 – 8 times, then take a break.

This particular exercise can be done several times a day, so feel free to indulge.

7. The “V” Massage


The V Massage - 9 Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Fat and Double Chin


This anti-aging facial exercise is great for when you want to reduce some of the most common signs of aging.

It is great for reducing the appearance of puffy eyes, and crow’s feet, and even works the muscles in your jawline.

To do this exercise,

  • start by getting into a comfortable position, then hold out your middle and index fingers in the shape of a “V” on either side of your face,
  • beginning at your eyebrows, put some pressure on your face using the curled knuckles of your fingers, each finger on the inside and outside of your eyebrows,
  • pull your hands downwards slowly till they touch your chin,
  • hold the position for 4 seconds, relax, then repeat about 6 more times.

8. The “O”


The O


There’s not much to this exercise in the way of complexity really.

It’s simple and can be done as often as possible and basically anywhere.

Here’s how to do this exercise:

  • keeping your face as relaxed as possible, let your lips assume a circular position like you’re saying the letter “O”,
  • lifting your tongue, pulling it up and back into your mouth towards your throat, then relaxing it,
  • repeat this exercise 7 more times, then take a break.

9. The Surprised Face Stretch


The Surprised Face Stretch - Facial Exercises


Even though we have established that facial expressions can bring on the signs of aging quicker than virtually anything else.

There are some facial expressions that, when done the right way, can help hold off these signs of aging.

One such facial expression is the surprised face stretch.

To do this simple exercise,

  • beginning with a relaxed face, raising your eyebrows,
  • keeping your eyebrows as high up as possible, stretching your mouth wide open, going for your best surprised facial expression,
  • with your mouth wide open, open your eyes even wider than normal, and hold this position,
  • relax your face, then go back to doing the exercise again for about 10 more minutes.

Some Benefits of Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

In addition to the benefits already listed above, anti-aging facial exercises have the following additional benefits:

  1. The massage techniques help smoothen the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. The combination of massage and anti-aging facial exercises helps to reverse some of the effects of aging.
  3. It helps to reduce the number of toxins and free radicals in the body by promoting healthy circulation of blood.
  4. The techniques used help to reduce the tension in the face and smoothen knotted muscles.
  5. The after-effects of these exercises, among other things, boost one’s confidence and self-esteem.

These exercises can be done as a full workout or in smaller sessions throughout the day in bursts, unlike a regular gym session.

The “V” massage technique is an excellent addition and can make for a great workout to incorporate into your regular cleansing routine, and jawline sculpting exercises are a game-changer after a day of staring at a screen for however long.

The vowel stretch takes us right to the basics and is one of the best anti-aging facial exercises for those tight, back-of-neck muscles.

You may be guaranteed to see results almost immediately if you make these facial exercises a regular part of your day or week.

Repeat each action for a count of 10, and ideally repeat for two to three sets.

When done correctly, anti-aging facial exercises and jawline exercises can help to reduce the effects of premature aging, keep the skin toned, stimulate the production of collagen, e.t.c.

The key here is consistency.

With consistency, exercises whether anti-aging facial exercises, full body workouts, target exercises, e.t.c, can yield great results.

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