9 Cheap Winter Vintage Sweaters for Women You Can’t Afford to Miss

Winter is around the corner, and the season tends to take some of our shine away. But how would you like to brighten things up in the sub-zero temps with some vintage winter sweaters?

Retro winter sweater fashion is making its way back so, you’ll surely make a statement with vintage sweaters.

We’ve carefully selected some vintage sweaters for women you can choose from.



9 Cheap Winter Vintage Sweaters for Women


They’re elegant, yet affordable. So, you won’t have to empty your purses to look great this winter.


1. V-Neck Cable-Knit Sweater


V-Neck Cable-Knit Sweater


Vintage fashion doesn’t get better with this long sleeve polyester and cotton sweater. It’s soft to the skin and stretchy, allowing you to move freely.

The knitting is top-notch and thick, so the cold weather has little on you. That’s style and comfort well covered.

This simple 90s retro cloth is so versatile it can easily pass for a vintage men’s sweater.

There’s no limit to where you can wear this to. Blend it with an office shirt, on a skirt, skinny, with heels, boots, or flats, you name it; it works well.

You’ll find this vintage winter sweater in white, red, blue, apricot, and black. It’s also available from a small size to XX-large.


2. Oversized Argyle Plaid Sweater




Oversized Argyle Plaid Sweater
Oversized Argyle Plaid Sweater


This women’s vintage winter sweater is knitted with acrylic fiber to provide warmth and comfort. It’s also stretchy so, you won’t have any restrictions with incidental movements.

This English style vintage cloth is great as daily wear, for dates, school, and even office.

It’s suitable for teens and women who want to exhibit an old school sense of fashion.

You can combine this vintage winter sweater with almost any other outfit.

Size is not a matter; you’ll find one that suits you. If you’re particular about the colors it comes in, there are 8 of them to choose from. So, what’s your excuse for not rocking this vintage outfit.


3. Kawaii Cow Pattern Sweater





Kawaii Cow Pattern Sweater
Kawaii Cow Pattern Sweater


Made of soft, breathable fabric that makes you feel like a fluffy bear is hugging you.

The red version of this vintage winter sweater will surely make it feel like it’s Christmas.

It is suitable to wear both indoors and out to parties, school, or a walk down the street.

You can get this 1950s vintage sweater in black, red, and white as well as sizes up to X-large.


4. Oversized Y2K Retro Knitted Sweater



Oversized Y2K Retro Knitted Sweater
Oversized Y2K Retro Knitted Sweater


If you want snuggly comfort, here it is. The 90% cotton and 10% polyester material is soft and will keep you cozy in the chilling weather.

The thick stripe pattern creates a contrast that makes this vintage winter sweater look attractive.

Grab it whenever you need to keep warm and look trendy.

College girls love this sweater for its retro style and functionality.


5. Vintage Jacket Sweater




Vintage Jacket Sweater
Vintage Jacket Sweater


If you want to turn heads with your vintage winter sweater, this is the one to make that happen.

This long maxi knit vintage winter sweater will keep you warm even when you’re outside.

Its soft and thick fabric feels good to the skin so you won’t compromise comfort to look good.

The front closure and hood add a mysterious appeal to the sweater. You’d look like some ancient priestess ready to wield magic.

You will dazzle the crowd in any social setting you wear this. If you want to be daring, this sweater might work one way or another with your Halloween costume.

It comes in 9 colors, giving you a chance to rep your style. The size availability is up to XX-large.


6. Oversized Vintage Printed Sweater



Oversized Vintage Printed Sweater
Oversized Vintage Printed Sweater


The wavy pattern on this oversized vintage sweater is beautiful, and you’d love it.

The mostly cotton fabric it’s made of is fine and soft to the feel so, it assures comfort. The crew neck, cuffs, and hem sports a classy finish.

You can wear this sweater on a skirt or denim trouser with boots.

Top it off with your desired accessories to look like the princess you are. This sweater is suitable for parties, school, casual walks, etc.

If you’re not feeling the wavy pattern, there are 16 others you can choose from.

That’s not all, the sizes available go up to Large.


7. Patchwork Pattern 90s Vintage Sweater


Patchwork Pattern 90s Vintage Sweater
Patchwork Pattern 90s Vintage Sweater


Made of lightweight, breathable acrylic fabric, and cut to be flowy from the turtle neck design to the puffy sleeves.

That way, it gently hugs your body. That’s a pleasant combination of function and comfort; stay warm while looking stunning.

This vintage inspired clothing will blend with almost any type of dressing down.

Leggings, pants, skinnies, whatever you want to wear as bottoms will fit perfectly.

Aside from the khaki color on feature, you can also get this vintage winter sweater in black. Sizes range from small to X-large.

This design or something close to it will be available in a vintage store near you.


8. Merino Wool Turtleneck Vintage Sweater




Merino wool is one of the finest long staple fibers, and you will notice once you feel it against your skin.

Aside from the comfort you’re guaranteed of, the fabric offers a high anti pilling performance which attests to its durability.

It also won’t shrink, fade, or become distorted. You’ll surely be wearing this for a long time.

If you want to appear in a vintage aesthetic outfit, this sweater will match perfectly with a vintage dress.

This vintage winter sweater on Amazon comes in 5 bold and beautiful colors, and available in sizes up to X-large.

So, whether you’re petite or chubby, you’ll find this turtleneck sweater in a size that’ll suit you perfectly.


9. Nike Vintage Sweater



Nike Vintage Sweater
Nike Vintage Sweater


If you want to get sporty this winter while keeping warm, this semi-brushed fleece sweater will do that for you.

The neck, hem, and cuffs are ribbed to trap in heat and keep out the cold air. How’s that for comfort and functionality?

There are other vintage winter sweaters from Nike. However, this one is only available on Amazon in Pink color, medium and large sizes.



Vintage winter sweaters will make your winter clothing collection trendy.

If we’re going to be wearing layers of clothing for the weather, we should at least do so in style.

These are some of the coolest selections of vintage winter sweaters. Any of them you go for will surely help you make your mark in the fashion scenes this winter.

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