9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love

Home Gym Décor Ideas – Going to the gym has always been a hassle for some. The cost, time constraint, and motivation to go to the gym.

That’s why gyms are springing up in homes; and the lockdown further popularized it. If you’ll have a gym at home, make it look good with our home gym décor ideas.

Whether you’ll use a dedicated room or a shared space in an apartment, these workout room décor ideas work great. They’ll make your home gym look so good, it’ll be an excuse to exercise.



Home Gym Décor Items That are Pretty and Functional


1. Mexican Ceramic Pattern Area Rug



Mexican Ceramic Pattern Area Rug - 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


This is an awesome item for small home gym décor ideas.

It’s great for those short on space and have to share the gym with, say and office.

The beautifully patterned carpet can serve as a subtle barrier, separating the office side of the room from the gym side.

Simply place a few of the rugs under the office side to demarcate the boundary.

Love to Know depicts this idea perfectly. Seeing this home gym décor idea in application, does it make you want it?



9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love- Try this




2. Home Gym Mirror Tiles

Watching yourself grind out routine after routine and admiring your form and body can help you push further.

That’s exactly what these mirror tiles will do for you.

This home gym décor idea comes in a set of 12 pieces of 12-inch mirrored tiles.

Asides its functionality, they’ll make your gym space look great as they bounce light off at different angles.

You can find this home gym décor on Amazon as a bestseller.

Over a thousand people have bought it and they rate it highly. It’s also available in 8 and 10 inches.


3. Interlocking Exercise Mats



Interlocking Exercise Mats - 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


We mentioned earlier how you can use a collection of floor mats to subtly demarcate a shared home gym.

This time, you can use these exercise floor mats to protect yourself and the floor during workouts while separating the room.

Hopefully, the black color will be a perfect contrast to the floor in your home, visually creating a boundary.

This protective flooring is durable, waterproof, and non-slip.

So, you can go as hard as you want with your exercise and shed liters of sweat.

The interlocking design also makes it easy to install and uninstall.

Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean, and it’s as good as new.


4. 3-Tier Weight Rack



3-Tier Weight Rack -- 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


This is a useful home gym décor idea if you’re into lifting weights.

It helps you organize dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. neatly. A great addition if you don’t have a lot of space.

You can get more floor space when you’re done working out by arranging the weights vertically.

This shelf is made of 235 steel and it withstands 1322 pounds of static weight.

That’s more than the weight of gym equipment you’ll need at home.

The rack has rubberized feet, so you won’t need to bother about scratches on your floor.

The makers expertly finished the steel frame with powder coating which resist scratches and scuffs.


5. Interval Time Counter



Interval Time Counter -- 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


Interval exercises, such as tabata, are quite popular among those who exercise at home.

There’s no better way to keep track of your workout and resting time than hands-free.

This wall mount time counter will help you keep track of your sets without losing a sprint.

This is an awesome garage gym décor idea with its bright red LED. It has multiple presets especially for tabata and you can adjust it to your preference as well.

You can control it from where you are with a remote, and it gives off a beep when the time is up.

This is a good home gym décor idea for any type of gym.

There’s a reason it’s an Amazon’s Choice, and those who bought it are giving impressive reviews.


6. 45 Lbs Weight Gym Wall Clock


45 Lbs Weight Gym Wall Clock - 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


No. We don’t mean the clock weighs that much. It’s designed as a barbell weight.

You’ll agree it’s a suitable home gym décor.

So, by all means, buy into this idea to make your gym look fun.

The material of this worthy home gym wall décor idea is wood, but finished to look like the real thing.

It comes in 8 sizes and you can choose to have a plain or a framed design.


7. Motivational Wall Art for Home Gym


Motivational Wall Art for Home Gym - 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love


No doubt, everyone needs motivation to workout now and then. This set of gym wall arts will surely give the inspiration you need to dive into beast mode.

The set of 6 powerful quotes has a colorful design with words that’ll push you to do more.

The posters will bring a vibrant appeal to your home gym while touching the spirit of those who read them.

Don’t just take our words for it, they’re highly rated on Amazon. We bet you’d rate them too.


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8. LED Lights for Gym

Never underestimate the influence of good lighting on a workout session.

This is an ideal home basement décor, considering it’s usually dark down there. Its 3-piece light source offers 360 degrees illumination.

So, this might be the only lighting you’ll need.

You can adjust each bulb to 90 degrees so, you can customize the positioning to eliminate any dark corners.

It outputs a combined 15,000 lumens and has a specialized heat sinking system.

Now your basement gym can have the brightness of the sun without the heat.

The best part is that you can fit it into your usual screw bulb socket.


9. Green Plants for Gym at Home


Green Plants for Gym at Home - 9 Cool Home Gym Décor Ideas You’ll Totally Love



While this home gym deco idea might seem weird and out of place, it’s quite applicable.

Hear us out. The idea is to make your home gym as good looking as you’d like, right?

If it’s cool to have plants in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom, why not the gym?

Potted plants add aesthetic value anywhere you place them, even as a garage gym décor.

If you go for a live plant, not only will it make the space look great, it can purify the air too. Trust us, this is a neat home gym decorating idea.

If you search for the nicest home gyms, most of them have a plant somewhere in there.



If you choose even a few of these home gym décor ideas, we guarantee it’ll transform your workout space.

You’ll find excuses to go in there; even if not for exercise, probably to chill.

If you want more ideas, you can get home gym décor ideas on Pinterest.

Let it be an extra source of inspiration to make your home gym the best it can be. The items we have offered here are inexpensive.

So, whatever your budget, you can create a cool home gym.

Now, is your turn. What is your best home gym décor ideas

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