One of the many reasons people consider eating a 300 calorie breakfast is for the weight loss benefits. Eating a total of about 1500 calories per day can help most people lose weight effectively.

A healthy 300 calorie meal should contain a proper balance of carbohydrates and healthy fats. If you are trying to reduce your calorie intake for health reasons or to lose or maintain your weight, a 300 calorie breakfast could be the solution you have been searching for.

Some people might overdo it and include 300 calorie lunch and 300 calorie dinner but nutritionists estimate that the average daily calorie intake of someone who is trying to eat healthily should be broken down as follows: 300 to 400 for breakfast, 500 to 700 each for lunch and dinner and snacks should not exceed 200 calories.

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, your breakfast can often determine how the rest of your day would go. Breakfast is responsible for kick-starting your metabolism at the beginning of the day, helping you to burn calories.

It is also responsible for providing you with the necessary energy you need to carry out your daily tasks.

I am sure you have once had a very heavy breakfast and you could not get yourself to get out of the house, this happened because your body was strained in the process of digesting your heavy breakfast and so you began to feel tired and sleepy.

Your breakfast should be a light meal, aim for not more than 300 calories in your breakfast to optimize your nutrient consumption while also staying satisfied.

I know when you think about the idea of having 300 calorie meals, you probably imagine eating something very green and not very enjoyable but that is not the case.

You could still enjoy a breakfast sandwich under 300 calories, you could also indulge in a 300 calorie breakfast burrito.

The key to achieving this is making these meals by yourself to control the number of calories that go in.


9 Healthy Delicious 300 Calorie Breakfast Foods

Here are some other easy 300 calorie breakfast meal preps and ideas that you can try;



9 Healthy Delicious 300 Calorie Breakfast Foods


1. GREEK YOGURT AND HONEY (200-250 calories)

This breakfast idea is perfect for when you are running late and you just want to eat something real quick without having to cook.

Although this would depend largely on you having a few plain Greek yogurts in your house from time to time.

Emphasis on the plain version because having it plain allows adding your sweeteners and or toppings, hence, allowing you to control how much sugar you consume.

Add a little honey and some fresh berries to make your yogurt more delicious and wholesome.

This meal is packed with protein so you can be assured it will keep you satisfied till you get an early lunch.



Most people believe quesadillas are mainly lunch and dinner meals but it doesn’t have to be true, you can enjoy this light meal as the first meal of your day and it will give you all the nutrients you need to start your day.

It is also easy to make, so you can fit it into your morning routine without worrying about getting late.

To make this meal, simply make some scrambled eggs, lay a whole wheat tortilla in the pan, and fill it halfway with the scrambled eggs, top it off with your favorite cheese and allow it to cook until the cheese melts.



This meal is exactly what it sounds like, it is toast made with sweet potatoes instead of bread.

Sweet potatoes are way healthier than bread, so if you are aiming for lower calories, sweet potatoes are a perfect choice.



  • To make this meal, simply peel a sweet potato and slice it lengthwise.
  • Cut them about as thick as a slice of bread.
  • Set your toaster to the highest and toast your potato slices, running them through two full cycles, and voila, it is done.
  • You can top your potato toasts with some of your favorite toast toppings like banana slices, Nutella, raisins, etc.



This simple and small breakfast includes one slice of whole-wheat toast, one large scrambled egg, ½ cup of plain low-fat yogurt, a teaspoon of margarine, and one small orange.

This meal is a healthy and well-balanced option for breakfast, it will leave you feeling satisfied and energized for the day.



Pancakes are well known for being huge stacks of unhealthy junk and calorie bombs with all the flour, sugar, butter, chocolate drippings, and whipped cream but pancakes can be a healthy choice too.

Several pancake recipes are low carb and this one is a perfect example.



  • It is a two-ingredient recipe and it is extremely easy to make.
  • To make, mash one medium banana in a bowl and whisk in two eggs.
  • Pour the batter into a frying pan and allow it to cook just like pancakes.
  • When it is done, you can serve with a few banana slices and you have got a perfect breakfast.



Smoothies are a key component of any weight loss routine, mostly because they are usually filling and packed with all the right nutrients, so you get to enjoy a delicious blend while also enjoying the health benefits.



  • To make this delicious 300 calorie smoothie, combine ½ a banana, ½ cup of frozen raspberries, ½ cup of Greek yogurt, and 8 ounces of milk in a blender.
  • Blend until it is smooth.
  • You can enjoy this 300 calorie breakfast smoothie with a slice of peanut butter spread whole wheat toast.


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French toast is a common breakfast meal. You can enjoy this French toast meal with a twist and be rest assured that you will be getting your necessary nutrients for a productive day.



  • To make this meal, whisk 1 egg, a teaspoon of honey, and ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon together in a bowl.
  • Coat 2 slices of whole wheat bread with the egg mixture you have made and,
  • Cook in a lightly greased pan for one minute on each side.
  • You can serve your toast with 2 tablespoons of apple sauce and 2 tablespoons of ricotta on the side.



Who says you can’t have a 300 calorie breakfast with eggs. Egg cups are a great way to eat healthy with very little effort.

They are easy to make and you can have several made and save them for later



  • To make, whisk some eggs and add chopped spinach and turkey bacon, season to taste.
  • Fill muffin tins with the mixture and bake for about 15 minutes.
  • You can just throw two in the microwave every morning and have that as breakfast. It is healthy and filling.


Healthy Breakfasts Under 300 Calories That You Will Love!




This would probably come as a shock but yes, you can enjoy sausages and biscuits without exceeding your 300 calorie intake. It is a wonderful breakfast idea that requires little to no effort at all.

You can buy skinny breakfast sausages or even make them at home but buying them can help you monitor the calorie intake, the standard skinny breakfast sausage should not exceed 85 calories and the buttermilk biscuits should not exceed 185 calories.

Put them together and you’ve got a satisfying breakfast that is under 300 calories



There you have it all. Try your own 300 calories breakfast today, and let’s if you like it or not.

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