17 Best Dishwasher Detergents for Your Dishes at Home

Dishwasher Detergents to Have in Your Kitchen – It was a great relief when dishwashers found their way into kitchens. It saved millions of people time and dreaded effort.

Asides from having a good dishwasher, you need a likewise good detergent to get the best results in your new whirlpool. To save you from scouring through tons of dishwasher detergents, we chose to do all that work for you.

Just like the dish soaps, users to are a bit different when it comes to the type of detergent they prefer. A senior market analyst, Kelly Moomey, said dishwasher powder types are dropping in popularity while the gel and single-dose types are best sellers.

So, whatever your preference is, you’ll surely find a suitable choice for your needs.

Below is a rich list of dishwasher cleaning products of different types.



Best Dishwasher Detergents to Have in Your Kitchen


1. Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods



Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods


Cascade is one of the foremost brands in the industry.

So, you can rest assured its products can be trusted. These lemon-scented action pacs lives up to the brand name with its Power Booster formulation.


Without pre-washing, each Cascade dishwasher pod will remove burnt-on residue as well as built-up grease.

That’s not all, while some dishwasher detergent won’t perform well in hard water, this one will give you awesome results in both hard or soft water.



  • Easy to use – Just place the pod in the dispenser pod and let it do its thing.
  • Economic – One pod will clean a full load of dishes.
  • Leaves pots, pans, and other dishes with a brilliant shine.
  • 70 count


2. Finish All in One Dishwasher Detergent Tablet



Dishwasher Detergent - Powerball - Dishwashing Tablets - Dish Tabs - Fresh Scent


Each Finish dishwasher tablet is formulated with triple action to deliver the best cleaning results.

Firstly, it scrubs to remove tough and dried stains.


Secondly, the rinse action thoroughly washes away residues and streaks leaving a squeaky shine.


Finally, the Finish Powerball is premeasured to deliver sufficient dishwasher detergent to sufficiently deliver the best result. The 94 tablets you get will surely serve you some time giving this dishwasher tablet an economic advantage.



3. Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Packs



Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Packs, Fragrance Free, 73 count


This is Amazon’s Choice. In case you don’t know, that means this dishwasher detergent has a nice balance of functionality and price.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading.


Firstly, this is not one of those dishwasher detergents with bleach.

It is free of fragrances and dyes too. So, it’s safe to use for you and your dishes. Furthermore, it is a USDA Certified Biobased Product.


Its enzyme formula easily cuts through grease and food residue leaving your dishes sparkling clean without streaks.


Its convenient pack is just what you need to clean a full load of dishes. Simply place a tablet in the main dispenser cup, that’s it.

No guesswork as to how much detergent you need.


4. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Soap


Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Soap Tablets, Citrus, 45 Count


If you like organic, this is the dishwasher detergent for you. It is plant-based and uses mineral ingredients.

So, you can rest assured you’re not interacting with chemicals.


Each biodegradable dishwasher tablet will wash off grease and power through the dirt.

What you’ll have left are clean dishes, pots, and pans as well as the refreshing citrus flavor.


The 45 counts will last for quite some time depending on how often you do the dishes.


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5. Finish Dishwasher Gel


Finish Dishwasher Detergent Gel Liquid, Lemon Scent, 75oz


This is a dishwasher gel formulated with concentrates that clean as effectively as the tablets.

Don’t worry, they’re easy to use too. Simply pour some gel into the dispenser and you’re good.


This gel cuts through dried food, tea, or coffee stains, as well as grease. You won’t even need to pre-rinse your plates.

That’s not all, the formulation of the dishwasher detergent will fight hard water build-up and help maintain the parts of your dishwasher.


This fast action dishwasher gel is 75 oz with a lemon scent.


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6. Lemi Shine Booster Natural Lemon Dishwasher Detergent


Lemi Shine Booster Natural Lemon Dishwasher Detergent Additive Hard Water Stain Remover for Dishes and Glassware


Hard water is often an issue that affects the efficacy of some dishwasher detergents.

However, that won’t matter with this citrus-scented dish soap because it balances the pH of the water which removes the hard water effect.


Lemi Shine dishwasher detergent is tested to be biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and safe for your septic tank.

Using this product is your chance to play your part in saving our environment.


It cuts through the dirt and grime of cooking and baking and leaves your dishes free of streaks. Simply fill the main dispenser with the dishwasher powder and close it. It’s so easy, even your child can help you out with it.


7. Planet Automatic Dishwasher Tablets


Planet Automatic Free & Clear Dishwasher Pacs

If you have allergies, this is a dishwasher detergent you should pay attention to as it is hypoallergenic.

It is biodegradable, free of dye, fragrances, and other preservatives. You can rest assured it is safe to use on your dishes.


One tablet is all you need to wash a full load of dishes. Read the directions on the pack to see how easy it is to use.

If you won’t be using rinse aid, to get the best result, set your machine to air dry.

This advice doubles as an energy-saving tip as well.


Considering how well it works, 20 detergent tablets for its price is a steal.

8. Cascade Platinum +Oxi Dishwasher Detergent


Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent with the Power of Clorox Fresh Scent,



These Cascade dishwasher pods are fortified with enzymes to remove the toughest stains.

It also removes grease and leaves your dishes shiny. If you want the best result possible, use Cascade rinse aid and Cascade dishwasher cleaner.


This combination will give you the ultimate in overall dishwashing results.

Your dishes are shiny and streak-free while your machine is simultaneously cleaned and maintained.


This grease-fighting cleaner pack contains 13 counts for a full load of clean dishes per count.


9. Biokleen Free and Clear Dishwashing Detergent


Biokleen Free & Clear Dishwashing Detergent- 64 Loads - Powder, Concentrated, Phosphate & Chlorine Free, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, No Artificial Fragrance, Colors or Preservatives

This is a brand that has been consistently offering top quality and natural cleaning solutions since 1989.

That it’s still a top player in the industry shows the brand knows what it’s doing.


This dishwasher powder is free of chlorine and phosphate.

It is made with mineral-based ingredients that easily break down food particles and grease.

It also uses safe oxygen bleach to remove tough stains.


Its ecofriendly design means it’ll cause no harm to the environment as well as your septic tank.

As this powder is safe for on humans, so is it safe on your dishes and the machine itself.


Finally, this dishwasher detergent is Amazon’s Choice. Needless to say, it is value for money.


10. Cascade Pure Essentials ActionPacs


Cascade Pure Essentials ActionPacs, Dishwashing Detergent Pods, Lemon Essence


If you love this brand for all that is good about it but want something organic, this is the dishwasher detergent for you.

It is made with biological ingredients and is free of chlorine bleach and phosphate.

You will get squeaky clean dishes and be environmentally responsible.


These cleaning tablets will cut through tough dried-on stains and leave no streaks.

The lemon scent will leave you satisfied with the result as your dishes won’t only look clean but smell as such.


At less than 50 cents per count, the 45 counts in this pack is surely an economic choice.


11. Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods



If you’re keen on organic, here’s another quality choice. It’s made with naturally derived ingredients and is free of dye and other toxins.


The formula is fortified to remove grease and deeply clean your dishes leaving a sparkling superior finish.


The 24 tablets in this package will help you breeze through 24 a full load of dirty dishes.

That’s not all, it’ll leave them in its tangerine and lemongrass flavor.


12. Presto! Premium Dishwasher Detergent Pacs




If for whatever reason you couldn’t wash your dishes shortly after you used them, this one will still help you get the best result.

This Amazon’s brand can remove food stuck on for up to 24 hours.


It also has a dual-acting formula that cuts through grease and is also a rinse aid.

This saves you some money since you won’t need to buy a separate rinse aid.


That’s not all, after dealing with the dirt on your dishes, it’ll also leave the dishwasher clean and smelling fresh.

With all it can do on just one tablet, this pack of 67 tablets is such a steal at its price.


Finally, the Presto Promise is “clean and simple”. If you don’t like their product, they’ll refund you.

How’s that for confidence?


13. Finish Max in 1 Powerball Dishwasher Detergent

Finish Max in 1 Powerball, 117ct, Wrapper Free Dishwasher Detergent Tablets



If you’re fed up with pre-rinsing your dishes for the dishwasher cleaning product to work effectively, here’s your solution.

Its triple-action formula will take you from dirty dishes to shiny, clean, and lemon-scented dishes.


The tablet has 3 visually separate sections. The white segment is responsible for scrubbing away stuck-on dirt.

The blue part is a concentrated formula that cuts through grease.

The red Powerball is what causes the shiny effect you get when the washing is done.


The pack contains a whopping 117 tablets. Depending on how often you do dishes, this should last for months.


14. Finish All in 1 Gelpacs Dishwasher Detergent


Finish All in 1 Gelpacs Orange, 54ct, Dishwasher Detergent Tablets



Having different Finish dishwasher detergents on this list shows you the brands prowess in this category.

This is yet another effective tablet for deep cleaning your dishes.


Its formula can scrub away dried oatmeal, burnt food, and grease.

It’s that effective because it contains a presoaking formula in addition to its cleaning effect.


With 54 gel packs at its price makes it a generous giveaway.


15. Nature Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs



Nature Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs, Unscented,



Are you a soldier for the environment, animal lover, vegan? This dishwasher detergent has certifications to win your confidence.

It is certified as vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. It is also Kosher certified (Cor 328) and carries the Eco Logo.


As expected, it doesn’t contain fragrances, dyes, chlorine, or phosphate. So, you can rest assured this is 100% safe to use.


The pacs are high-performance as a single tablet will clean a dishwasher full of dirty dishes.

They’ll come out shiny and streak-free. The pack contains 24 tablets at a rock-bottom price.


16. Love Home and Planet Dishwasher Detergent


Love Home and Planet Dishwasher Detergent Packets Lavender & Argan Oil,


If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll feel good about using these dishwasher tablets because the brand supports environmental warriors like yourself as well as recycling initiatives.


Of course, it serves its original purpose of cleaning dishes to the letter.

The best part is how well it does that and still support all that is good for the environment.


First, the packet is soluble in water and the packaging is recyclable which reduces waste. It is made with plant and mineral-based cleaners. If you’re big on fragrances, you’d be happy to know that the lavender used for the scent was ethically sourced.


That’s not all, this dish soap is vegan, gluten-free, does not contain parabens, dyes, chlorine, phosphate, and not tested on animals. Now you can clean your dishes completely guilt-free and be happy you’re supporting the environment.


17. Cascade Dishwasher Complete Gel with Dawn


Cascade Complete Detergent, Fresh, 125 Fluid Ounce


This is another brand with multiple entries. That’s only a testament to how effective its dishwasher cleaning products are. Even though this is in gel form, it’s still easy to use as you just need to fill the main dispenser, and it’s ready.


Dawn is popular for how effective it is to clean grease. Its addition to this dishwasher detergent gives it an edge to clean grease better. It can also scrub through the dirt that has stuck on for up to 24 hours. With this, you don’t need to urgently do your dishes if you don’t want to.


There you go. A huge list of dishwasher detergents that have been tested to deliver superior performance. If you want satisfactory results every time you do dishes, go for any product on our list.




Best Dishwasher Detergents to Have in Your Kitchen at Home



Dishwasher Detergent Buying Guide

If you aren’t so experienced with dishwasher detergents or you simply don’t know which to choose, we’ll help you out with few things to look out for.


How to choose the best dishwasher detergent for your needs

Before we go into the details, let’s quickly touch on the types of dishwasher detergents.


  • Single-Dose Dishwasher

When you come across “pacs”, “tablets”, “pods”, this is the type we’re referring to. They’re popular because of the convenience.

Firstly, you don’t need to wonder how much will be enough. Just put one tablet in the machine and it’ll clean a full load. Moreover, these single doses contain more additives such as rinse aids, pretreat solution, degreaser, clean boost, etc.


  • Dishwasher Powder

This used to be the popular type and it’s responsible for the name “detergent”. They’re effective too but not so much on pots and pans.

The downside is that you have to get the measurement correct for the right result. For this reason, powder types are losing ground.


  • Dishwasher Gel

This is another popular type. They’re effective and the least expensive of the 3 types.  T

hey might not be as effective as the pacs but the ones included in this list will serve their purpose well enough.

By now, we hope you have a good idea of which type is best for your needs.

However, if you ask us, we’ll recommend the single-dose because they’re the most effective and easy to use.


How to Get the Best Out of  Your Dishwasher

An excellent result, in this case, is not just the job of the dishwasher detergent.

The quality of your dishwasher also plays a significant role. The following are some important tips to get the best performance at all times.


  • Maintain the Machine.

Assuming you have a great dishwasher. Your results might still be subpar even though you’re also using a good detergent.

For instance, if you don’t clean the filter, food debris will deposit on the clean plates.

The filter is what separates dirt and prevent it from reaching the cleaned dishes.


  • Don’t Pre-rinse Before Washing.

Most modern dishwashers will sense how dirty the plates are then determined how much time and effort it’ll take to do its thing.

However, if you pre-rinse, it will sense less dirt and assume it needs lesser effort. This can result in poor performance.


  • Load your Dishwasher Properly.

Since they come in different styles and designs, you’d want to read the user manual for the proper way to load it up. But as a general pro tip, do the following:

  • Load the larger items such that they don’t block the flow of detergent and water.
  • Items that have stuck-on dirt should be at the base facing down so the sprays can hit directly at them.
  • Rest glass cups upside down on dedicated prongs so they won’t collect water.
  • Let the dirtier dishes face the center of your dishwasher to expose them to the spray of water.


  • Use Rinse Aid.

Rinse aids improve drying and prevent streaks by breaking the bond between water molecules and your dishes.

That way, water slides off instead of sticking on. You can save money by buying detergents that already contain rinse aids.

If you prefer one that doesn’t, it’s still okay, you can buy a rinse aid separately.


17 Best Dishwasher Detergents for Your Dishes at Home



The Bottom Line

With the options on our list, you won’t have problems with dishwasher detergents anymore.

These recommended options have a good balance of value and pricing.

So, regardless of your budget, you’ll end up with a solid product.

We hope this post answers all your questions and gives you the confidence to make a choice.

If that’s the case, what are you waiting for grab your choice while it lasts

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