21 Best Things to Do in The Summer: Try These 21 Fun Things Now

Best Things to Do in The Summer – Summers are meant to be memorable. However, this year’s edition is different. There’s hardly any part of this world you’ll live in and not know why. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still holding us to ransom, all hope is not lost for a fun-filled summer.

Of course, we won’t have as much freedom as we used to. But look at the bright side, Summer isn’t completely canceled!

For those who don’t have activities planned out, we’ve got your back.

Here’s a list of things to do in summer despite our collective situation.



Best Things to Do in The Summer - Try These 21 Fun Things Now



21 Fun Things to Do in the Summer Now

List of Fun Things to do This Covid-19 Summer

We’ll break this list into sections since the activities you can involve in depends on the lockdown rules in your location.

Don’t worry, rest assured there’s something for everyone. Now, let’s get started.

Summer activities you can do from home

1. Play Croquet

This is a great backyard activity the entire family can indulge in.

It’s competitive and fun and the winner can gloat for weeks to come.

If you need to buy a set, try this one.



2. Plant a Garden

If you have a backyard, this Summer is a good time to carve a part of it to bring nature close to home.

There are tons of gardening ideas that are kid-friendly to make it a family affair.



3. Play Water Balloon Pinata

This is wet fun, so we suggest you dress in readiness.

If you need balloons, get some here.


4. Face Painting


Best easy face painting ideas for cheeks



If none of you already have this skill, this is a nice time to learn.

Search online for how to do it, then get the things you’ll need.

Practice your new skills on one another and laugh about the outcome.

Pictures will make the memory last longer.


5. Play Smash the Virus

Create a pinata in the like of coronavirus and take turns smashing the blip out of it.

You can fill it with candies and some other goodies.

That should revive the hopes of beating this thing.

That’ll make a fun thing to do at home in summer for the kids.


6. Start a Cooking Challenge

Everyone gets to make something.

Choose a few ingredients the contestant must use to make a dish and rate the outcome.

Select easier ingredients for the less experienced and more advanced ones for the better cooks in the house.


Read Here –  How To Make Banana Bread; Easy Moist Delicious Recipes



7. Practice Yoga

Yoga comes with tons of benefits and you can read them all this summer and beyond.

Relieve stress, improve breathing, level up your strength, balance, flexibility, etc.

Schedule a time with the kids to do some asanas, it’ll be fun. Order you yoga outfits here


8. Make Ice Cream at Home

You probably already have all the ice cream ingredients you need at home.

Get the whole family together and have everyone do something towards the final product.

Trust us, it’s more fun than you think.



9.  Stargaze

Summer nights are usually clear giving you an unobstructed view of the constellations.

If you’ve never tried this before, you’ll be amazed at how serene and beautiful it can be.

Who knows, you might be lucky to see a shooting star. Get your telescope here 


Learn New Things this Summer


10. Learn a New Language

We live in a global village and it is an advantage to be able to speak another language than your native tongue.

This Summer is a great time to do that.

Whatever language you choose, when the lockdown is over, perhaps you should spend your next vacation where they speak just for show off.

11. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

It’s cool to know how to play a musical instrument.

This Summer is a great time to start learning one or another.

You can pick one that isn’t expensive (ukulele maybe).

The internet is filled with tutorials to make whichever instrument you choose less intimidating.


12. Learn to Dance

Have you always admired a certain dance style? Take this chance to learn it.

With commitment and practice, you’d soon be good at it and that to the repertoire of things you can do.

Plus, you’ll get a good workout from it too.

This is something you can do this summer with your best friend.


13. Learn Meditation

There are different types of meditation to choose from. If you’re a complete novice, simply practice sitting still and clearing your mind.

If you want a particular type, a simple search through the internet will get you a tutorial to help you get started immediately.

Activities for nighttime


14. Go for a Drive-in Movie

Hopefully, there’s one of those in your area or you can check nightlife guides.

It’s becoming commonplace since people can’t go to the cinemas yet.

If not, if you own a projector, why not host one. Your neighbors will love you for it.


15. Backyard Camping

Get your tents and sleeping bags out. It’s the outdoors, there’s a campfire, and dark blue open skies with shining stars, what more can you ask for?

Sit around the fire eating marshmallows while you take turns telling stories.


16. Pillow Wars


Pillow Wars with Partner


Move some furniture to create space in the middle of the living room to serve as an arena for the ultimate pillow fight.

May the stiffest neck win.


17. Movie Night

Thank goodness the pandemic did not affect Netflix.

Pick a night to binge-watch movies or shows you’ve been missing out on.

It might be a good time to start that series everyone is raving about.


Things to do Outside in The Summer


18. Visit Parks Around You

Fortunately, some parks are opened. Visit there with the kids to get some sunshine and enjoy nature.

Organize individual games that let participants take turns.

That way, everyone can maintain social distancing.


19. Visit the Waters Place

Lakes and rivers are a great place to visit in the summer.

Gear up and be ready to catch some fish for dinner.

If you’re not interested in that, you can rent a canoe or kayak and wander the serene waters or go with the flow of the river.

Consider it one of the summer vacation activities.


20. Hike a Trail

Hiking is now allowed as long as the trekkers maintain social distancing.

Those who’ve been waiting to go uphill will jump on this chance in a beat.

If you prefer going on a bike, be our guest, just make it memorable.


21. Do a Conference Call with Relatives

Since movement is still restricted, you can keep in touch with loved ones via video calls.

Let the kids have a chat with their grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

Catch up on old times, share experiences about the pandemic, or just play some games.

Whatever works for you as long as it’s fun and memorable.



That’s it! You thought Summer 2020 was going to be eventless.

Well, we’ve given you plenty of options to make it as fun as you can handle.

Add some of these activities to your summer to-do list and make it one to remember despite the global situation.

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