Easy Cute School Hairstyles for Girls: Simple Natural Hair

What hairstyle is best for school girls? This is what we will be discussing in today’s article, as a schoolgirl what are the simple hairstyle you can do.

As the black girl that you are, what hairstyle fits you and your complexion perfectly?

We all know how morning can be quite hectic, getting dressed, having breakfast, and preparing for school all for the sake of getting early to school. While some are content with their ponytail some enjoy braiding their hair or weaving it.

But the most important thing is that how you look at your hair.

Below is the list of cute school hairstyles for girls.



Easy Cute School Hairstyles for Girls



Simple Cute School Hairstyles for Girls 

1. French Braided Pigtails

Dueñas says the perfect side part and immaculate braids elevates kid-like pigtails into a more grownup, fresh look.

French Braided Pigtails

To recreate, apply a light grip spray or wax to damp or dry hair.

“The grit and hold from the spray will help get a smooth look while keeping volume,” he says. Next, part your hair down the center and then create two taut French braids before securing with a clear elastic.


2. Double Dutch Braids

This is also known as “reverse French braid”. You can braid your hair all down or easily secure it behind your ears.

Double Dutch Braids

3. Low Side Ponytail

If your hair is long, you can try pulling the low ponytail over your shoulder and use a bobby pin to secure it along the nape of the neck.

Low Side Ponytail

4. Center Detail

Try to add fun and edgy, flair by twisting the wire, silver, gold, copper, and more around one inch of the hair.

Center Detail

5. Cornrows

Braid all your hair to the back in cornrows.


6. Half-up Bun

Ditch your heavy top-notch one-half up and one-half down.

Half-up Bun

7. Accent Braid

Dress up plain hair with an easy braided headband all you need is a bobby pin and some novice braiding skills.

Accent Braid

8. Subtle Clips

Sometimes subtly speaks volumes.

It can be styled with four rhinestone clips and if rhinestone isn’t your thing you can opt-out for rainbow or glitter clips.

Subtle Clips

9. Half-Up Braid

Braid two pieces of your hair on both sides of your part and secure them together.

Half-Up Braid

10. Long Braids

Pigtails are the hairstyle of choice for lazy days but what about braids?

Well, they’re just as easy but instantly look more refined.

Long Braids

11. Sparkly Clips

This no-fuss hairstyle is perfect for little ones who won’t sit still for more than ten seconds.

You can easily pull back the stray hairs with adorable bows.

Sparkly Clips

12. Perfect Reverse Braided Bun in 5 Minutes

Brush your hair forward, then braid it from the back towards the front using a ribbon to secure it, roll it into a bun.

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Perfect Reverse Braided

13. Easy Breezy 2 Step

If your early morning is usually too busy for a complex hairstyle, you can try this out.

In just two simple steps you will look amazing.

Easy Breezy 2 Step

14. Braided side over style

This is one of the most popular hairstyles during the school period.

It is quite easy to do and when there is no time this hairstyle is good to go because it is not time-consuming.

The braids are made from both sides taken to the other side to tie it well.

Braided side over style

15. Twisted knot with hair leave over

Braid your hair into thin five to six lines from a top section near the head.

You can easily tie them up with the help of your ribbon on any hair accessories.

Twisted knot with hair leave over

16. Side twisted school girl

Firstly braid your hair from the side into a thin fashion then roll it up to the remaining hair and tie it into a bun, making sure it’s held tightly.

Side twisted school girl

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