How to Get Rid of Fupa in 2 Weeks at Home

On average, a question people above 40 usually have is how to get rid of fupa in 2 weeks.

Before tackling getting rid of FUPA, it’s imperative that we first know what it is. FUPA means “fat upper pubic area”.

The term is used to refer to overhanging fat/ skin flab above the pubis. Medically, the condition is referred to as “panniculus”.

FUPA is caused by rapid weight loss, ageing, childbirth, a C-section, etc. There are many remedies to get rid of FUPA, and unfortunately, many are wrong.

As hard as it might seem to get rid of FUPA, it is possible. Examine the following methods and remedies on how to get rid of FUPA fat fast.



How to Get Rid of Pubic Fat (FUPA) at Home

As earlier stated, there are many remedies teaching how to get rid of FUPA quickly.

Many of these remedies revolve around exercise to get rid of FUPA. Some fitness enthusiasts answer “yes” to the “can a waist trainer get rid of FUPA” question.

However, every remedy is entirely dependent on the metabolism of each person.

What this means is that remedies may vary on how to get rid of pelvic fat.

Sometimes, certain procedures can affect the nature -and even outcome- of each recommended plan.

Procedures like pregnancy and Caesarean sections can influence one’s efforts to get rid of FUPA.

That said, below are ways to get rid of FUPA based on specific conditions/ procedures.



How To Get Rid of FUPA Without Surgery
How To Get Rid of FUPA Without Surgery

How To Get Rid of FUPA Without Surgery


 1. Target Exercises to Get Rid of Futa

If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of FUPA after pregnancy, consider try target exercises.

Doing exercises that target the core muscles will help get rid of FUPA.

For how to get rid of FUPA naturally, try the following exercises:

  • High planks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Regular crunches
  • Butt bridges
  • Leg raises.

These exercises target the core muscles, strengthening them and working on the FUPA.

Combined with some recommended diets, these exercises will get rid of FUPA in no time.


2. Cardio Exercises to Get Rid of FUPA

Indeed, exercises that target the upper pelvic area are not exactly cardio, but adjustments can be made.

Such adjustments usually revolve around getting your heart pumping and your metabolism topnotch.

For how to get rid of FUPA male, combine target exercises with running, swimming, cycling, etc.

Whatever exercise you decide to get on should be vetoed by your doctor or physical therapist.

That way, your health and integrity of your muscles and bones are protected.


 3. Getting on a Diet

Can you get rid of FUPA without surgery? Absolutely. It just takes grit, determination and a lot of discipline to begin and stick to the plan.

When using diet to get rid of FUPA, focus on burning more calories than you consume.

That way, your body works through its supply of fat faster. To be specific, consider the following:

  • Consume less processed food cos they are converted quickly to fat, and cause inflammation,
  • Avoid junk foods,
  • Keep your body hydrated,
  • Consume more of fiber-rich foods,
  • Avoid salty foods and processed sugars.

Combine a working diet and target exercises.

This is a perfect combination on how to get rid of FUPA after C section.


 4. Use Hobbies and Meditation to Reduce Stress

Many times, the body stores up fat as a response to stress.

To combat this and get rid of FUPA, one way is dealing with stress in a healthy way. Doing this is as easy as:

  • Picking up or developing hobbies,
  • Investing more time in resting and sleeping,
  • Practicing yoga and meditation,
  • Practicing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


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 5. Create and Maintain a Calorie Deficit In Your Diet

What this simply means is that you engage in activities that cause you to burn more fat.

Some of these activities revolve around cardio.

However, here are some exercise that will help you create this calorie deficit:

  • Intermittent fasting. What this does is that it forces your body to burn the fat it stores up. This creates a caloric deficit -something you need to get rid of FUPA.
  • Eating fewer calories than you need daily. You can do this by consuming less fatty foods and fast foods. Also, be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables.
  • Combining both in an effort to get rid of FUPA. This means engaging in more physical activity while consuming less calories.


If you are wondering how to get rid of FUPA in jeans, try tucking your shirt into your jeans.

This will draw attention away from the area to other areas of your body.

Also try to wear tops that draw attention to your upper rather than your lower body.

That way, you can channel people’s attention to other parts of your body.

There are several other methods to get rid of FUPA quickly besides those listed above.

There are surgical procedures like liposuction, a tummy tuck, a monsplasty, etc.



 How to Get Rid of Fupa in 2 Weeks at Home - Lose Belly Fat
How to Get Rid of Fupa in 2 Weeks at Home – Lose Belly Fat


These methods produce changes that are immediately visible.

However, there are non-invasive medical procedures to get rid of FUPA. They usually revolve around removing or burning off fat without surgical intervention.

For such procedures, the FUPA before and after without surgery is as good as gone.

These non-invasive procedures usually require a strict adherence to a diet and regular doctors’ appointments.

Before deciding on a course of treatment, first understand that your body is unique. As such, what works for one person may not work for you.

We almost always need a plan that suits our bodies specifically. That way, we don’t end up requiring from our bodies more than it can give.


On the journey to get rid of FUPA, there are many ups and downs. Finding and maintaining a balance is the key to achieving and sustaining a healthy weight.

Burning more calories than you consume, resting, and eating healthy will get rid of FUPA quickly.


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Before you begin any weight loss plan, be sure to consult with your doctor first. Also, if you’ve developed symptoms while trying to get rid of FUPA, involve your doctor.

In addition, if you don’t notice any visible changes despite doing everything right involve your doctor.

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