6 Best Survival Skills for The Post Covid Era

Covid-19 changed the world forever. We will never return to the world as we knew it either because the virus may never completely go away or the fear of its return will keep us on our toes.

Both of these scenarios will influence the world in a way that the old order will no longer exist.

The post covid era has come with its unique challenges.

Ones that were never foreseen nor prepared for but there’s no point complaining if that won’t change anything. It is time to retool to deal with the new challenges.

Whether you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist, one thing is the sure-the world has changed forever.

And the new environment in which we find ourselves requires a mental recalibration and a new set of skills. In other words, you need new skills for the post covid era.

What are these skills and how do you go about acquiring them?

This is the main focus of this writing. I will hold you by the hand and walk you through this new social, economic, and political landscape noting what has changed and what you can do about it.

In post covid era some jobs will disappear and new ones will take their place.

There will be modifications in the way of doing things such as we now have the mask everywhere.

The short of it is that we need a new set of survival skills for the post covid era.

We will now discuss the skills that will make survival in the new social jungle possible.

There is a need for effort on your part to imbibing these skills and new ways of doing things to survive the economic downturn that is sweeping all over the world right now.

This will improve your economic value, raising your chances of getting a job anywhere on earth.


6 Best Survival Skills for The Post Covid Era

The Post  Corvid Survival skills

To cover each of them effectively, we will list and briefly discuss the relevance of each skill.


1. Leadership

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that leadership is number 1 in our list of best survival skills for the post covid era.

As it is often said, everything rises and falls on leadership. But there is a special twist to leadership as used here.

I am not talking about you providing leadership to others but you providing leadership to yourself.

The post covid era has come with a lot of turbulence and everyone has to steer himself on a straight course, keep his head up during this crisis and keep his vision and mission in focus.

All these require leadership. Firm control of the machinery of growth in troubled times-leadership under uncertainty.

Here we are not talking about supervising others or giving instructions to others or making sure they meet targets.

But doing all these to yourself. You must provide yourself leadership if you will survive this period without going under either economically, socially, or morally.


2. Flexibility and Adaptability

If the last year taught us anything or forced anything under our throats, then it is the need for flexibility.

This skill will now become mainstream and form a very important part of the survival skills for the post covid era.

With so much uncertainty in the air, you must be ready to adapt to whatever each new day brings.


3. Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

The world has always had problems but covid has brought in another truckload.

In the post covid era there is a lot of dislocation and this amounts to an additional layer of complexity.

You can’t do well now because you can’t think critically and solve problems that have become like oxygen.

An employer would definitely want to have on a team a problem solver otherwise what he has, is actually a new problem.

Critical thinkers ask questions that take them to the crust of the matter, helping them prefer solutions that are at the heart of the problem. This is a skill for the post covid era.



6 Best Survival Skills for The Post Covid Era at Home


4. Tech Savvy

The world has for a long time now been moving towards massive adoption of technology but the coronavirus has increased that speed by tenfold.

Lacking tech skill now is like lacking reading and writing skills.

A  great number of jobs now require some form of tech skills. You have to tech-up to stand a chance.

It’s obviously a skill for the post covid era.

This era does not have the patience for excuses. So do it now.


5. Communication & Emotional intelligence

There will always be a need for a deep, genuine human connection but that need will be more in a crisis such as the one brought about by the Coronavirus.

There is also a need for better ways of passing our messages across.

That is the only way we can communicate our vision, passion, value, and competence.

Communication is a key skill in the post covid era.

Emotional intelligence will aid you in showing empathy.

You will be able to feel for the pain people go through in difficult times and communicate better.



6. Creativity

The world has changed and everything else has to move in the same direction.

This requires rethinking the way things are done. It requires thinking outside the box and that demands creativity.

Creative problem solving will be in high demand in this period of flux. The business will need new models and methods.

We need those who will create them so we won’t go under. On a personal level, the same things will play out.

This will be a powerful survival skill for the post covid era.



 The change the world has undergone due to Covid-19 is clear to all, what may not be clear is our response to it.

In this article, I have listed and explained 6 soft skills that you need to develop to successfully go through this time.

The skills for the post covid era are important to success now. Do everything possible to acquire them and incorporate them into your life.

They will stand you out in interviews, in your entrepreneurial journey and in life generally because we essentially face the same challenges.

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