Top 16 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Design Ideas

Valentine’s Day Nail Design Ideas: Nail art is a trendy affair.

There are unique designs for every season and period throughout the year.

As valentine’s day is drawing closer, you can stay on cue with valentine’s day nail designs.

Wear your heart on your nails while you look your best.

If you still have a red nail polish from periods past,

it’ll be useful for these valentine’s pedicures and manicures.

Don’t worry, we won’t limit you to just read.

You can still rep your style while expressing love.

Some of these valentines day nail designs are easy enough to do yourself.

For others, you can just screenshot and take it to your neighborhood professional.


Best Valentines Day Nail Designs You will Want to Re-create This February 14




Top 16 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Design Ideas

1. Sequin Nail Hearts Nail Design Ideas


Sequin Nail Hearts

These nail art hearts will shine brightly as they catchlights.

You can wear them on long or short nails.

Whatever you plan, this valentine’s day nail design will surely grace the occasion. Buy Now

Wear a coat or two of your favorite nail gloss, then stick the red heart glitters on your nails.

Another way to wear it is to stick the hearts on your bare nails, then coat your nails over with iridescent nail polish.


2. Heart of Gold Nail Design Ideas


Heart of Gold


This valentine’s day nail is elegant and easy to make.

Coat your nail with pink polish, then paint white hearts on each nail.

Afterward, neatly stick one of these hollow metal hearts on.

There should be about three hearts per nail. Buy Now

The contrast of white and gold will surely catch some looks of admiration.


3. Red Polka Dots Nail Design Ideas

Heart of Gold

This red valentine’s nail is something you can create yourself.

All you need is this Revlon valentine’s nail polish and a white one.

Coat a part of each nail in a wavy pattern. Buy Now

Then use a small nail brush to apply white dots on the red parts.

The finished work looks attractive and Instagram-worthy.


4. Pastel Hearts Nail Design Ideas


Pastel Hearts


This valentine’s day nail design involves drawing hearts on your nails.

It’s not as hard as you think.

According to Hilary Herrera, a nail artist, draw two dots side by side, then pull each to a meeting point below using a small detail brush.

You can use any background you like or stick with the baby pink Essie Gilded Goddess Valentine’s edition we’re featuring.

Whatever you use as a background, make sure it contrasts with the tiny hearts you draw. Buy Now

That way, your nail design will pop.


5. Alternating Colors Nail Design Ideas


Alternating Colors

Why do you have to choose between pink and red for your valentine’s day nail design when you can slay both?

That’s what this idea is about. Pink and red are the best colors to use for valentine’s day. So, using both is twice as nice!

Your valentine manicure is about to hit the next level. Coat a nail in pink and the text in red.

Continue alternating it like that till you cover all nails. Buy Now

If you use a light enough pink like the Sally Hansen we have here, it’ll contrast with the red enough to pop like champagne.


6. Red and White Tips Nail Design Ideas


Red and White Tips

This set of 2 nail polish is all you need to pull of this valentine’s day nail design.

It’s also simple enough to DIY. You’ll need a steady hand, though.

Draw the top part of a heart toward the tip of your nail with the white polish, leaving bare space to the tip.

Afterward, coat the rest of the space in red toward the tip. Buy Now

The end product will look like a partial red heart on the tip of your nail with a white boundary.

Repeat the process for the rest of your nails.


7. Inverted French Tips Nail Design Ideas

Inverted French Tips


Follow the link to get the polish you need for this valentine gel nail design.

You can pull this off yourself if you trust your grip is steady enough.

If not, you might have to get a moon-shaped nail sticker.

This inversion design puts a half-moon curve on your cuticle as against the tip of your nails. Buy Now

Use the white nail polish to draw the half-moon, leaving the base of your nails bare, and paint the rest of the nails nude.

You’ll be ecstatic when you see the outcome.


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8. Inverted V Cuticle Nail Design Ideas


Inverted V Cuticle


This valentine’s day nail design is as straightforward as the name and simple to create.

You’ll paint your nails in the red glitter polish, leaving an inverted V over your cuticle. Buy Now

That’s it! You can also use this as a valentine toenail design.


9. Blackish Heart Nail Design Ideas


Inverted V Cuticle


Not everyone is into the red and pink fanfare of valentine’s day.

If that’s you, it doesn’t mean you can’t have cute nails and stay trendy.

This valentine-inspired nail design will keep you in tune. Buy Now

Paint your nails in jet black and use a detail brush to draw hollow white hearts at the base of every nail.


10. Stickers and Shimmers Nail Design Ideas


Stickers and Shimmers

Cute little nail hearts are not only for those with steady hands.

If you can’t draw a heart on your nails to save your life, and you don’t want to pay to get it, there’s a solution.

Stickers! Use these little stickers on your nails after coating them with a pink shimmery gel. Buy Now

The finished pink valentine nails are simply cute.


11. Red and Pink Waves Nail Design Ideas

Red and Pink Waves

Here’s another twice as nice valentine’s day nail design.

Paint a diagonal wave pattern covering half of your nail in red and the other half in pink.

Imagine the inverted colors of yin-yang. Buy Now

To take this design to a new level, add the dots of the opposite color on each side to complete the balance.


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12. Gothic Valentine Nail Design Ideas

Gothic Valentine

This valentine’s day nail design subtly reps the occasion by not using any of the identifying colors but flaunts some hearts.

Use this beige matte as your base coat and draw little black hearts at the top corner of each nail. Buy Now

The contrasting colors make this nail design stand out and it’s damn pretty.


13. Valentine Ombre Nails Nail Design Ideas

Valentine Ombre Nails

Line hues of pink and red on your nails for a dazzling valentine’s day nail art.

It requires a lot of patience and for the drying time. Buy Now

However, if you stick to it, the outcome is worth it many times over.


14. Golden Red Heart Nail Design Ideas

Golden Red Heart

Wear your heart on your nails with this valentine’s day nail design.

This works best on almond or mountain peak nails. Buy Now

Use a glittery red polish to paint a heart with its base aligning with the tip of your nail. It should form a full heart.

Now, use a gold polish and a detail brush to make dots at the top of the heart.


15. White Lines for Valentine Nail Design Ideas


White Lines for Valentine

Not everyone wants to stay on the theme of this valentine and that’s okay.

That doesn’t make this not a valentine’s day nail design.

You can wear this on any nail type, even acrylic coffin nails this valentine. Buy Now

Simply paint your nails in this neutral color we’re featuring and use a detail brush to draw a white wavy line at the tip of your nails.

If you want to stay themed with this design, simply use red or pink background instead.


16. Matte and Glossy Mix Nail Design Ideas


matte and glossy mix nail designs


This is a pretty simple valentine’s day nail design.

All you have to do is paint some nails in red and others in pink.

Choose a matte polish for the pink and a glossy one for the red.

Add a glossy red heart at the base of the pink nails for extra flair. Buy Now



Top 16 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Design Ideas


Make valentine’s day special in your own way with these valentine’s day nail designs.

Look elegant and trendy with these valentine manicures.

Follow the link to buy any of those nail polishes you need to pull of the design you like.

You’re going to turn heads, whichever design you go for.

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