Top10 Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $500 to Buy Now

Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $500 –  Gaming on your laptop can be incredibly convenient. 

It combines the mobility of a handheld and the experience of a console. 

What more can a gamer ask for? 

Besides that, you have a powerful laptop you can use for other requirements.

It’s common knowledge that these laptops can be expensive. 

However, we have good news for those who want this kind of laptop without splurging. 

Enter gaming laptops for under $500. 

This might sound farfetched, but we promise we’re not kidding.

We’ve put in a lot of work compiling this list for you. 

These inexpensive laptops are from the brands you trust, so there’s no doubt concerning their quality. 

You don’t have to break the bank to play CS: GO, Dota, Minecraft, or League of Legends. 

Keep reading to see which one suits your needs. 


Top10 Gaming Laptops Under $500 to Buy Now



Top10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500

1. Acer Aspire 5


Acer Aspire 5 - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


A quality screen is a must when choosing a gaming laptop and this one delivers a decent offering.

The 15.6-inch LED-backlit IPS display will show off your games in 2k quality.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200U running at 2.60GHz with 2 cores is powerful enough to run some games seamlessly.

This gaming laptop comes with 12GB DDR4 memory, which allows you to easily run multiple applications without lag.

Its 256GB SSD will store your files and save games without problems.

This might not be enough storage space for you, but you can be sure your system won’t be running slow. Buy Here


2. Lenovo IdeaPad 3


Lenovo IdeaPad 3


This is a powerful gaming laptop under 500.

It’s a bargain if you can snag one up. This 2022 edition uses an Intel Pentium Gold 7505 with a Dual-Core processor.

Its 15.6 inches FHD display is anti-glare, so playing outside won’t hinder your view.

It comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB PCIe SSD.

These allow you to multitask and use powerful applications with no issues.

No matter how many things you store, it won’t slow down your system.

It also features a UHD Intel graphics card to give you a smooth gaming experience.

There’s more! It has a fingerprint reader, uses Bluetooth 5.0, and runs on the all-new Windows 11. Buy Here


3. HP 14 Laptop


HP 14 Laptop - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


Its 14-inch Full HD, micro bezel, and anti-glare screen are enough for you to enjoy gaming and whatever else you need to do with it.

It runs AMD Ryzen 5 5500U and AMD Radeon graphics.

This lets you run some popular games seamlessly, whether you’re playing online or offline.

Its 8GB RAM has high bandwidth to let you run powerful applications without hiccups concurrently.

It sports a 256 SSD to store your games and any other things you need.

Even though the memory is small, SSDs are way faster than HDDs.

That kind of speed is what you need from gaming laptops. Buy Here


4. ASUS Vivo Book 15


ASUS Vivo Book 15 - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


Get a wider view of your games with this gaming laptop under 500.

It has 15.6 inches of full HD Nano-Edge bezel display.

Whichever angle you’re viewing from will not affect the quality of what you see.

The system runs on AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor with a default frequency of 2.6 GHz that you can overclock to 3.5 GHz.

That’s some power right there.

The 16 GB memory lets you open multiple tabs on your browser while running applications with no issues.

You can rest assured that gaming won’t be a problem on this laptop.

This one also has a 256GB SSD.

From the trend, you’ll notice that SSDs a staple for gaming laptops. Buy Here


5. Dell Inspiron 15


Dell Inspiron 15 - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


Enjoy 15x faster speed on the hard drive with the 256GB SSD on this gaming laptop under 500.

If you combine it with the 8GB RAM, your gaming experience will be blissful.

So will other operations on the laptop be seamless?

This 2021 model has a 15-inch HD display and an Intel N4020 dual-core processor.

It has 3 high-speed USB ports to connect your accessories and an ethernet port for an anti-lag gaming experience. Buy Here


6. HP Pavilion 2021 Model


HP Pavilion 2021 Model - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


This laptop runs on Intel Celeron with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

With a decent memory capacity and this much power, you can run games and applications easily.

With SuperSpeed Type-A ports and a Type C port, file transfer has never been this fast.

The battery can also fast charge and go up to 50% in 45 minutes.

This is the good budget laptop you’ve been looking for.

Who would believe that a gaming laptop under 500 will flaunt a 15.6-inch full HD IPS display?

It also has Intel Graphics 600 to run your games effectively.

If you like this laptop and can afford to can add a little more money, you can get it with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD.

With these, you can forget about running out of storage or bothering to close tabs. Buy Here


7. Gateway Laptop

Gateway Laptop - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


If you’re keen on how slim you want your laptop to be, here’s a slim gaming laptop under 500.

The 15-inch FHD screen is bright enough for perfect viewing even if you’re looking from the sides.

It uses AMD Ryzen 5-3450U for processing.

For context, it’s better than the Intel core i5 1035G1, which is a good processor by any right.

This is a cheap Windows laptop you should consider.

With 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and AMD Radeon Vega 8graphics, gaming on this laptop is something you’d look forward to.

Gaming isn’t complete without good audio.

This laptop completes its offering with THX audio.

Whether you use the speakers or a headphone, you’ll hear everything in detail. Buy Here


8. HP 15-dy1036nr


HP 15-dy1036nr - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


Weight is an important factor for those who carry their laptop around a lot.

Mobility is one of the reasons some people want a gaming laptop.

This gaming laptop under 500 balances both well.

At 3.75 pounds, you can easily carry it on your back all day without strain.

Enjoy gaming on the move with 10th Gen Intel Quad Core i5 for fast processing.

With 256GB PCIe M.2 SSD and 8GB DDR4 memory, you’ll have a hard time slowing down this laptop.

The long-life battery can run for up to 10 hours and 15 minutes with mixed usage.

Using this laptop makes you environment-conscious with its Energy Star rating. Buy Here


9. HP 15t-dw300

HP 15t-dw300 - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


This is one of the best low-cost laptops you’ll find with a powerful processor, good display, and long battery life.

It sports the 11th Gen Intel Core i5 with quad cores running at up to 4.2Ghz.

It uses Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics card to process games and graphics-intensive applications.

Its 15.6-inch full HD IPS display lets you see every detail on the screen in true colors.

You won’t experience any difficulties with multitasking with its 8GB GDDR4 SODIMM and 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD.

It also has 2 USB 3.1 Type-A and one 3.1 Type C port with an SD card reader for fast file transfer. Buy Here

10. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Touchscreen

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Touchscreen - 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


This laptop combines beauty with functionality.

Its abyss blue chassis is such a pleasure to look at with its sleek design.

What’s under the hood is the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor with 12GB DDR4 RAM with a 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD, and AMD Radeon 7 integrated graphics.

You’ll be able to play most games with these specs.

You might just need to tweak the resolutions a bit.

The full HD, backlit, anti-glare, IPS display lets you see every detail of the game for an immersive experience.

It’s also a touchscreen so you can interact with the screen when using other applications. Buy Here



10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $500 to Buy Now



Gaming laptops are powerful laptops, and they don’t come cheap.

These gaming laptops under 500 we’ve brought to you will serve their purpose dutifully.

However, they won’t play the latest games that are graphics-intensive.

So, before you buy any, be sure its specs can play the games you want to your satisfaction.

If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll have to up your budget to get the best experience.

Happy gaming!

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