Unique Matching Tattoos: 21 Best Tattoos for Best Friends

Unique Matching Tattoos: Loyal friends are scarce. 

So, when you have a long-standing one, hold on to them. 

Good friends are like family. 

You get in trouble together, wriggle out of it together, and embark on mad adventures together. 

Sometimes, you might even spend more time with them than with your family. 

It’s worth it to symbolize such a bond, and one great way to do that is getting matching tattoos for best friends.

Depending on your tastes, you could go for small ones or elaborate ones. 

Matching tattoos can show the undying bond you have for each other.

Many best friends have been together since kindergarten. 

A matching tattoo for a lifetime just seems appropriate for such friends. 

Whether it’s a bond between the same gender or opposite ones, you’ll find something of interest on our list. 

Check them out.


21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends - Best Matching tattoos are not just for couples! Check these matching tattoo designs, and you will want to get one together with a friend, parent, boy friend




21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


1. Tiny Thunderbolt Tattoo


Tiny Thunderbolt Tattoo - 21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


Tattoos don’t have to be elaborate to serve their purpose.

This one is such a great example of that.

A simple thunderbolt symbol on the wrist can show how your friendship sparks up your life.

It’s a nice matching tattoo for boy and girl best friends.


2. Sun and Moon Tattoos


Sun and Moon


We especially like this one as it has a deep meaning to it, even though you can interpret it however you want.

A crescent moon and the sun show celestial bodies of great importance serving different purposes.


3. Tree Tattoo


Tree tattoo - 21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


This has a beautiful ring to it’s a BFF of 3 people.

Trees symbolize growth and longevity.

Show the world your friendship is like a tree with a simple tattoo of 3 trees on each person.

You can place it in different areas and add special meanings to the design.

One idea is to draw the height of each tree to represent the height of each friend.


4. Diamond Tattoo



This is a great option for a gang of besties.

Each of you gets a diamond tattoo to show how you shine when alone, but an unbreakable pack when together.


5. Quote Tattoos


Quote Tattoos


This is a popular option as it expresses the meaning of their friendship.

It could be from a book, a movie, a song, or something someone said that touched both of you.

Both of you can get the quote or get half of it each.


6. Avocado Halves Tattoo


Avocado Halves tattoo - 21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


This is a real tattoo that looked cute on the carriers.

Split avocado in two and what you get is what this tattoo looks like.

This points to the fact that they’re better together.

Make it even cuter by adding personality by adding a face, arms, and legs.


7. Flowery Hearts Tattoo


Flowery Hearts


You can turn anything into a tattoo, and the more unique it is, the better.

Design a heart like a vine of flowers and tattoo it with your friend.

This is a great unique best friend tattoo for females.


8. Paper Plane Tattoo



Paper Plane



Remember making paper planes as kids?

How about using it as a reference and deciding on a matching tattoo for best friends?

If you both love this pastime, why not get it.


9. Bird Tattoo


Bird Tattoo


If you want a classic tattoo, birds are a good option.

Sailors, who arguably popularized tattoos, often drew birds.

Different birds symbolize many things.

A sparrow represents loyalty.

A bird tattoo could also mean a free spirit.

So, if birds have something to do with the meaning of the bond you have, this is an excellent choice.


10. Lotus Flower Tattoo



Lotus Flower


A lotus flower is often the spiritual symbol of purity of the mind, body, and soul.

If you and your BFF are into spirituality, this could be a good option for a tattoo.

You have the freedom to decide how the lotus looks.


11. Wings Tattoo



Wings always come in pairs. Not just that, they also work in unison.

This is a great tribute to friends that play sports or do business together.

It represents how your combined efforts make both of you better.

This is an awesome matching tattoo for best friends that are guys.


12. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tattoo




Remember the sitcom Friends?

It’s an all-time favorite for many people.

If you have a group of friends that are closely knitted, this is a perfect idea.

Each of you can draw a tattoo with the logo of the show.

People will quickly appreciate the gesture and see the creativity when they see it.

That’s how popular the show is.


13. Yin and Yang Tattoo


Yin and Yang


While this can be suited for couples, it also works for BFFs.

The original symbol represents balance.

What other way can you qualify your friendship with a completely different personality that has worked for years?

Some people have friends they go loggerheads with all the time, but their bond can never be severed.

This tattoo is perfect for such people.

They’re so different, yet complement each other.

Even though this is a common symbol, you can make the tattoo as unique as you want.

Each of you gets half of the symbol and designs it in a style personal to both of you.


14. Semicolon Tattoo




This symbol represents continuity.

It could represent your friendship that didn’t stop when it could have.

In recent times, semicolons have also been used in mental health scenes.

So, if you and your BFF survived mental health issues, this is quite appropriate.


15. Lavender Tattoo




It symbolizes devotion, which is an important quality of friendship.

Drawing a lavender plant with your friends symbolizes your devotion to one another.

Spiritually, it’s associated with the crown chakra.

So, if you’re into that, this tattoo is even more relevant.


16. Minimalist XO Tattoo



Minimalist XO


If you don’t want something elaborate, this matching tattoo is perfect for you.

You’ll share the X and O symbols to show the hearty feeling you have for each other.

This is a good matching tattoo for boy and girl best friends.


17. Powerpuff Girls Tattoo



Powerpuff Girls



18. Pinky Promise Tattoo


Pinky Promise - 21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


Friendships are bonds forged by an unspoken promise to stay together.

If you’ve been friends for a long time, show off your promise to be together with a tattoo of fingers making a pinky promise.

Of course, you can customize this with as much creativity as you can summon.


19. Constellations Tattoo




Are you both into cosmology and horoscope?

This is a chance to show off your common interest.

Draw the constellation that matches your birthday!

You can even switch sides and draw your friend’s constellation on you.


20. Day and Night Tattoo


Day and Night - 21 Unique Matching Tattoos for Best Friends


As day and night are times of the day, so are you and your buddy parts of your friendship.

Either of you draws a scene of the day with the sun up, while the other draw a scene of the night with the moon up.

Let your creativity come to the fore with the design.

Flip a coin to decide who gets which time of the day.


21. Tom and Jerry Tattoo


Tom and Jerry


Here’s a funny matching tattoo for friends.

It references a classic children’s cartoon.

If you both loved watching it as kids, it’s a nice way to go.

There are many funny scenes you can make up for this duo, so get creative.

Alternatively, replicate an experience you both had using these characters.

People will marvel at it.


21 Cute Matching Tattoos Designs for Best Friends & Couple -  Best Matching tattoos are not just for couples! Check these matching tattoo designs, and you will want to get one together with a friend, parent, boy friend



Some friendships are like diamonds; they last forever.

One great way to ensure that is to get matching tattoos for best friends.

It’ll look good on you and symbolize the importance of your bond.

Pick one (or more) that resonates with both of you and get it.

Watch people envy you guys.

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