What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on a Cruise Checklist

Things You Must Bring on a Cruise: Figuring out what to pack for a cruise can be quite tasking, especially if you’ve never been on a cruise before. 

In fact, just figuring out what clothes to pack for a cruise is already tasking enough.

If you’re here, chances are that you’re new to this and you’re not sure what to expect.

Cruising is quite different from other types of vacation, in the sense that cruises happen on moving vessels. 

Usually far from convenience stores.

This makes it even harder to figure out what to pack for a cruise. 

Knowing you might not be able to get the things you need while you’re on the cruise. 

Well, we’re here to help you figure out what to pack for a cruise, so you don’t have a miserable cruise.

In no particular order, here’s a list of what to pack for a 7-day cruise. 

What to pack for a cruise royal Caribbean, what to pack for a carnival cruise, this list works for cruises in general.


What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on a Cruise Checklist



15 Things You Must Bring on a Cruise Checklist

Before we begin, here’s a quick list of things you probably already know you should pack.

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear
  • Pants
  • Walking shoes
  • Medicines (ibuprofen, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Toiletries
  • Nice clothes for a formal night
  • Travel documents

And now to the main “what to pack for a cruise checklist”


1. Ziploc Bags


Ziploc Bags - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


It might not seem like it but, bringing resealable Ziploc bags is one of the smartest things you can do.

It will help you keep your phone/wallet dry while you swim, and keep your wet clothes separate from your dry luggage.

And many other unforeseen circumstances.

Ziplocs are worth their weight in gold.

Bring a handful and know that you’re covered for anything you might encounter. Get One Here


2. Phone Charger


Phone Charger


Yes, you know you’re supposed to take your phone charger, but you’d be surprised at how easy phone chargers are to forget.

So, be sure to add it to your cruise packing list.

Or do one better, and go keep it in your bag right now. Get One Here


3. Binoculars



Okay, binoculars are not exactly essential for cruises but believe me, you’d be glad you took one.

There’s a lot to see when you’re out at sea.

You could use them to spot the beautiful creatures of the sea, people-watch, or simply look out to the open ocean. Get One Here


4. Cash (Money)


Cash (Money)


While you might not usually carry cash around with you on a day-to-day basis.

It is advisable to carry enough cash with you when going on a cruise.

Sure, back at home credit cards are accepted everywhere, but on a cruise. however, you’ll find that not every store accepts credit cards.

And ATMs on cruise ships are super expensive.


5. SunScreen for Face and Body Protection


Sun Screen - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


You would be surprised at how much fun you’ll get while on a cruise.

I find that it’s always best to go with a bottle of sunscreen.

Especially if you have a bad history of sun exposure. Get One Here


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6. Over The Door Organizer


Over The Door Organizer - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


This is easily one of my favorite cruise packing hacks.

These convenient organizers have several clear pockets that allow you to find your toiletries, makeup, jewelry, and other small items very quickly.

What’s more? You have to hang them on a door– if that wasn’t already implied.

They take up little to no space and help you keep your things organized.

If you’re wondering what to pack for a 2-week cruise, this should definitely be on your list.


7. Hand Sanitizers Travel Size


Hand Sanitizers


Sure, Covid isn’t such a big deal anymore but if there’s one thing Covid taught me, it’s how easily germs spread through our hands.

And believe me, regardless of how clean your cruise ship looks, there are germs.

You don’t want to spend your entire cruise time on a sick bed. Get One Here


8. A Good Book


A Good Book


Frankly, I’ll find any excuse to carry a good book anywhere. This is one of the things you must bring on a cruise.

But many other people will agree that Sea days are the perfect time to kick back and relax with a book you’ve been meaning to read.

You could find an oceanfront lounge chair on the pool deck, or simply get cozy indoors to enjoy your book. Get One Here


9. Beach Bag for Women Waterproof Sandproof


Beach Bag - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


If you’re on a cruise, you’re most likely gonna go to a beach.

Having a beach bag automatically makes your stay on the beach more organized and hence, more fun. Get One Here


10. VPN (Virtual Private Network)


VPN (Virtual Private Network)


This might be paranoia speaking but, when you’re on a cruise, chances are that you’ll be getting on various WiFis at restaurants and beachside hangouts.

If you don’t have a VPN, you could compromise your security.

This means potentially putting your passwords, credit card details, and online identity at risk of being stolen by hackers who target unsuspecting tourists.


11. Wide Brimmed Hat


Wide Brimmed Hat


These hats aren’t just fashionable, they’re practical too. This is one of the things you must bring on a cruise.

The sun in the tropics is can be a beach (haha).

But seriously, you’ll be glad to have some protection.

Direct sun rays will burn more quickly and in this case, the best defense is a good defense.

There is no better way to avoid sunburn than to keep the sun off you in the first place. Get One Here


12. Insect Repellent Travel Size


Insect Repellent - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


When you’re figuring out what to pack for a cruise, don’t let these slip by you.

You’re gonna need it.

Maybe not on the ship– you won’t be finding any mosquitoes in the middle of the ocean.

But when you get to the port, you might be welcomed by a variety of bugs.

I find that it’s best to have some sort of insect repellent.

Except, you’d like to be one with nature. Get One Here


13. Waterproof Phone Case


Waterproof Phone Case


We have already established that you’re going to be around a lot of sand and water.

If you don’t want to leave your phone in a Ziploc bag, you should get yourself a waterproof phone case.

It allows you to use your phone, around, or even inside water. Get One Here


14. An Umbrella


An Umbrella


I want to bet you didn’t think this would be one of the things to pack for a cruise.

But you’ll find that most cruises all go to ports that experience a surprising amount of rain.

Pack a portable umbrella to protect you from rain, or risk getting soaked. Get One Here


15. Noise-Canceling Headphones


Noise Canceling Headphones - What To Pack for A Cruise? 15 Things You Must Bring on Cruise


While I personally find the waves of the ocean very relaxing, it’s a real bother for some people.

If you’re one of those people, maybe you shouldn’t be on a boat (I’m kidding.)

You could simply pack a pair of noise-canceling earbuds to help you sleep better. Get One Here



This is merely a representative list of what to pack for a cruise.

You ultimately get to decide what things you must bring on a cruise

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