Woodworking Projects:17 Easy Profitable Scrap Wood to Build and Sell Fast

Woodworking Projects: There’s a pleasure and a sense of pride that comes with creating things. 

If you get paid for your creation, that heightens the sensation further. 

That’s the good feeling you’re bound to get if you keep reading our profitable woodwork projects and try some of our ideas.

We’ll provide woodworking projects that sell for both new woodworkers (DIYers) and intermediate skill levels. 

Even the professionals can pick up an idea or two from this list

We aim to give you something fun to do and make money while at it.

Is being a woodworker profitable?

If you’re wondering if being a woodworker is profitable, the truth is there’s no straightforward answer.

As with any other trade, some are profitable and those are not.

It all comes down to how good you are with your craft, and of course, how good your marketing is.

We are about to help you with being good through our profitable woodworking projects that sell.



17 Unique Woodworking Projects that Sell Fast



17 Easy Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell Fast


1. Custom Wall Signs Woodworking Projects


Custom Wall Signs


Wall signs are a great way to start as a new woodworker. 

You only need a plank of wood and some imagination. 

Then you can hand paint on the wood, attach decorative designs, or use technology to laser-print something on it. 

You can get some inspiration from here.


2. Wooden Toys Woodworking Projects


Wooden Toys Woodworking Projects


Plastic toys are popular. 

However, some parents have reservations about exposing their kids to plastic. 

This creates potential opportunities for profitable woodworking projects. 

Make dolls, train sets, and puppets that’ll sit pretty in nurseries. 

Wood stands the test of time and is also more environmentally friendly than plastics.


3. Under Bed Storage Woodworking Projects


Under Bed Storage


This is quite functional by maximizing the space under your bed. 

Meanwhile, it makes this under-bed drawer a profitable woodworking project. 

Reduce the clutter in your bedroom without disposing of important things.

You’ll find a detailed tutorial at Charleston Crafted.


4. Log Candle Holder Woodworking


Log Candle Holder


This profitable woodworking project is suitable for beginners and it doesn’t cost much, even to make in bulk.

Pillar candles and tea lights are quite cheap to buy in bulk.

All you need for this project is to drill holes in the log for the candles, and file or cut a flat on the other side. 

That’s all there is to it. 

If you still need guidance, this video will put you through.


5. Coats Rack Woodworking


Coats Rack


Rustic coat racks are a pleasant feature in any home.

This makes it a profitable woodworking project.

It’s quite easy to pull off, requiring some chunks of wood, nails, and some wrought iron hangers.


6. Phone Charging Station


Phone Charging Station


Few people have this in their homes and many will find it useful. 

That’s evidence this small woodworking project will sell and be profitable. 

This charging station will have some holes in it to allow wires to pass through. 

It’ll also have a hidden compartment at the back of the house a surge protector and chargers. 

Get the details of how to complete this project here.


7. Fruit Bowls Woodworking


Fruit Bowl


These are useful items in the dining and kitchens.

However, it adds an aesthetic factor if it’s made of wood.

The added appeal makes it a profitable woodworking project, and they’ll command a decent fee.


8. Wooden Lanterns Woodworking


Wooden Lanterns


These beauties are simple to make and can become a profitable woodworking project if you add votive candles or flameless pillars to your design. 

These projects are suitable for weddings and other gatherings, and centerpieces in homes. 

This video will show you how to create this project from start to finish.


9. Storage Cubbies Woodworking Projects


Storage Cubbies


Wooden storage cubbies are an impressive decoration item growing in popularity. 

If you add metal details to it, it becomes a mouth-watering offer. 

The copper and stainless steel rods add a modern flair to it and doubles as the connection between the cubbies. 

Apply some creativity to this profitable woodworking project or just follow what Dans le Lakehouse teaches.


10. Countertop Wine Racks


Countertop Wine Racks


Wine racks come in different designs and sizes. 

However, for the sake of our beginners and ease of sale, we’ve opted for a simple one. 

It’s a simple cut and only simple finishing is needed. 

You can add a touch of imagination to it and find a way to add a bottle opener and wine glass hanger somewhere. 

Learn this basic design from here.


11. Dog Beds

Dog Beds


These can be expensive and some dog parents might prefer a wooden alternative to plastic ones.

That would be practical for the buyers and a profitable woodworking project for you.

They’re easier and inexpensive to construct than they sound, and attractive and comfortable for the users.

That translates into a good profit margin for you.


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12. Coffee Mug Tree

Coffee Mug Tree


This is a great way to save space and organize coffee cups. 

Many people will like it for its decluttering effect. 

The one we’re featuring is a freestanding type. 

However, you can design one as a wall rack if a client asks for it. 

Here’s a tutorial to make this mug tree.


13. Wooden Tree Light Holder


Wooden Tree Light Holder

 This unique woodworking project will surely catch the eye.

These cuties are easier to make than they look. 

All you need are wood glue and wooden curtain rings. 

You’ll stack the rings close to the height of the candle you want to use. 

Make sure the candlesticks are a little above the ring. 

This pretty DIY project will surely have a therapeutic effect with the candle aroma and flame. 

Get the tutorial at The Crafty Gentleman.


14. Shoe Shelf

Shoe Shelf


The more practical, the more profitable the woodworking project is. 

Buyers can say bye to the clutter in their closet. 

This project will help your clients neatly display their shoes, and will even serve as decor if they use it right. 

Hey, Wanderer shows you how to construct this rack.


15. Wood Trivets


Wood Trivets - Woodworking Projects:17 Easy Profitable Scrap Wood to Build and Sell Fast


Trivets are useful when serving hot food in a bowl and you don’t want to risk damaging your table.

This project will be useful to families that cook often; that’s a lot of families.

Do you see why this will make a profitable woodworking project?

Trivets are easy to make into different styles and shapes.

All you need are slabs of wood.

You could even use a rough cut for a rustic appeal.


16. Table Lamps Woodworking Projects

Table Lamps - Woodworking Projects:17 Easy Profitable Scrap Wood to Build and Sell Fast


Yes, we know, there is some wiring involved. 

But don’t let that scare you off this profitable woodworking project. 

To make it simple, use a wiring kit. 

Pull off this project in different ways your creativity takes you. 

Just make sure you end up with a wooden lamp. 

The more unique you make it, the more cash you can command.

You can use any wood base of your choice, then follow the wiring kit instructions and you’re done. 

We know that sounds oversimplified. 

However, if you follow the guides in this video, you’ll find out how easy it is to make.


17. Jewelry Organizer Woodworking Projects


Jewelry Organizer


Ask anyone who owns a lot of jewelry and they’ll tell you how hard it is to store them and avoid the tangles.

This project will help them solve that easily by storing jewelry items separately.

It’s easy to do. All you need is some wood and hooks.

Depending on the style and size you come up with, you can sell these for a tidy profit.


Woodworking Projects:17 Easy Profitable Scrap Wood to Build and Sell Fast



Now you have a long list of profitable woodworking projects. 

Which one will you build first? 

Whether you’re a beginner or you know your way around woodwork, these ideas will make for a profitable woodworking business. 

So, get started now and start raking in the profits

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